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3rd Hand and Little Hand Heavy Duty Support Systems

3rd Hand
3rd Hand
Little Hand
Little Hand
Universal BigFOOT Support
If you ever wished you had an extra hand... here it is. The 3rd Hand and Little Hand provide support, brace, or clamp whenever you need an extra hand. Use them to mount wall cabinets above a counter or bench.
  • The 3rd Hand's articulating foot will pivot to support crown molding and cornices at an angle and adjusts from 5' to 12'
  • The Little Hand extends from 15.7" to 24.4" and has 6" x 6" Universal feet top and bottom for maximum support of cabinets during installation
  • Each unit has a 70 lb. load capacity
  • As a base, the Universal BigFOOT accessory provides a large 6" x 6" non-slip surface to allow the 3rd Hand to free-stand
  • Attaching it to the top of the 3rd Hand results in a larger non-pivoting head for holding objects square against upper surfaces
Laser Mount for 3rd Hand Slip this mount onto any 3rd Hand Support and you can position your laser level to the exact height you need it. Any place the 3rd Hand Support can be positioned can now be a secure laser mount. The L-bracket laser support allows you to place the beam at any angle and both height and angle can be repositioned quickly.