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WoodRiver Knife Kits

Skinner Knife Kit
Drop Point Hunter's Knife Kit
Spear Point Knife Kit
Tanto Style Knife Kit
Large Laminated Steel Knife Kit
$29.27 $74.99
Knife Rivet Countersink A For WoodRiver Knife Kit
Knife Rivet Countersink B For WoodRiver Knife Kit

Build beautiful custom knives that everyone will admire. WoodRiverâ„¢ Knife Kits come with screw together scale (handle) rivets and either stainless steel or striking Japanese laminated steel blades. Blades are pre-shaped and ground. Just pick your favorite wood for the scales and create a truly one of a kind knife. Kits include blade, rivets and instructions. Scales (handles) and 30 minute epoxy not included. If you want to countersink the rivet heads below the surface of the handles, the countersinks listed below make perfectly centered countersink for the head over the rivet shaft hole. Countersink A to be used with Spear Point #148362, Small Laminated #148361, and Large Laminated #148360. Countersink B to be used with Skinner Knife #148357 and Drop Point Hunter #148358, both countersinks A & B to be used with Tanto Style #148359. 

Skinner Knife Kit: 6" overall length; 2-1/4" stainless steel blade

 Drop Point Hunter Knife Kit: 7-1/4" overall length and 3" stainless steel blade with finger grip relief make this a great general purpose hunting, fishing or camping knife.

Spear Point Knife Kit: 8-1/2" overall length; 4-1/4" blade length. Single edged.

Tanto Style Knife Kit: 11-1/2" overall length; 6-1/8" blade length. Specialized blade shaped for penetration. 

Laminated Steel Knife Kits: The pattern of the steel laminations on these blades makes each blade truly unique. The swirling, waving lines of the laminations combined with your custom handle will make knives which stand out from the ordinary.  

Small Laminated Steel Knife Kit: 7" overall length; 3-1/8" blade length 

Large Laminated Steel Knife Kit: 9-1/4" overall length; 5" blade length

Knife Rivet Countersinks make perfect centered rivet head countersinks in your knife handles.