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Whiskey Barrel Staves

These White Oak staves are from a genuine Jim BeamĀ® Bourbon Whiskey barrel. The charring is from the firing of the barrel prior to aging the whiskey for four or more years. Barrel staves are 36"-37" long, and this pack contains three staves: one small (1-1/2"-2-1/2" wide), one medium (2-1/2" -3-1/2" wide) and one large (3-1/2" and wider). Staves have been dried and brushed to remove excess char. They are, of course, bent from barrel making, but they can be flattened by simply soaking them in warm water and then clamping to your workbench for several hours. Staves are perfect for projects ranging from Adirondack chairs and benches to small boxes and accent pieces.