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Baseball Bat Billet Stock

Ash Baseball Bat Billet
Maple Figured Trophy Baseball Bat Billet
Northern white ash from Pennsylvania and upstate New York is recognized as the best material for making baseball bats. Throughout the years, baseball bats have been made from many types of wood, including ash, oak, maple and hickory. However, as years went by players found that bats made of ash would hit the ball best. Ash makes a medium-weight bat, which allows a batter to swing at the advancing ball quickly. Graded for quality with straight grain being the most important criteria, these billets are suitable for college and all lower levels of play. Billets measure 2-7/8" in diameter and 37" in length, and, because they have been vacuum-dried to a moisture content of 9-11%, they offer superior strength.

Trophy Blanks: There is probably no better way reward your favorite baseball player than with a highly figured trophy bat. We have asked our supplier of baseball bat blanks to find these highly figured blanks so that you can turn that special memento or trophy for your favorite slugger. Available in Figured Ash and Maple.