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Tru-Stone Pliable Bottle Stopper Blanks

Tru-Stone Bottle Stopper Blank - Dark Lapis
$6.28 $13.75
Tru-Stone Bottle Stopper Blank - White with Gold Matrix
$8.08 $16.99
Tru-Stone Bottle Stopper Blank - Red with Gold Matrix
$8.08 $16.99
You will pop your cork when you see just how stunning these bottle stopper blanks are. These blanks are made from approximately 85% natural stone ore that is pigmented and combined with a specially formulated acrylic gem resin. The resin is specially formulated for the turning industry and allows for higher heat tolerances, which minimizes fractures and breakage and allows you the turner to use standard woodturning tools. Once turned theses spectacular blanks produces a bottle stopper with the appearance of natural stone. Sharp tools are a must. Blank size is 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1-3/4".