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IPC Eagle Industrial Vacuums

IPC Eagle Planet 200 Tandem Optimum Vacuum
IPC Eagle Planet Optimum 110 Vacuum
IPC Eagle Planet Optimum - 220 Vacuum
IPC Eagle Barrel Vacuum, 2x1000 watt motors
IPC Eagle Barrel Vacuum, 3x800 watt motors
IPC Eagle Wet/Dry Vacuum S6430P
IPC Eagle Vacuum Pre-Separator - EPST
IPC Eagle Vacuum Pre-Separator - EPBL
IPC Eagle Dry Recovery HEPA Vacuum, 5 Gallon
IPC Eagle 400 Series HEPA Cartridge Filter, S82995
IPC Eagle 400 Series Polyester Cartridge Filter, S76061
IPC Eagle Planet Optimum Main Cartridge Filter, S820826
IPC Eagle Planet Optimum HEPA Cartridge Filter, S8321142PH
IPC Eagle 300 Series HEPA Cartridge Filter, S82881
IPC Eagle Tool and Hose Accessory Kit, S7TOOLKIT
IPC Eagle Disposable Vacuum Bags, 3 pack, T80093
IPC Eagle 55 Gal. Barrel for Barrel Vacs
IPC Eagle Dolly for 55 Gal. Barrel
IPC Eagle Standard Polyester Filter Bag Assembly
IPC Eagle Standard 5-Piece Tool Kit

Try IPC Eagle's line of high quality industrial vacuums. They are the pinnacle of cleaning strength and efficiency.

Planet Optimum Series is designed for the clean up of large jobs such as: concrete grinding and cutting, wood floor refinishing, and other industrial applications.

Cyclonic Series is designed to shield the filter from debris and there is no need for bags, the collection bin catches all.

Barrel Vacuum Series is engineered to shield the filter from debris and contains multiple motors; each with independent switches so that they can be run separately or in tandem.

Shake Series is designed with a shaker motor which cleans the filter without even having to remove it. This feature makes the Shake Series one of the most innovative line of industrial vacuums on the market today.

Wet/Dry Series is designed with durability and function in mind. This line can make taking care of big jobs, wet or dry, a breeze.

Pre-Separators are engineered for added separating ability and to lighten the load on your vacuum's filter.

Critical Filtration Series is designed to be used in sensitive areas like hospitals or chemical plants for the clean-up of hazardous materials. Their multi-stage filtration system is specifically designed with this in mind.