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Akro-Mils TiltView Bin Organizers

Akro Mils 5-Bin TiltView, Set of Four
Akro Mils 6-Bin TiltView, Set of Six
Akro Mils 9-Bin TiltView, Set of Six
Akro Mils Set of Two 24" TiltView Rails
Akro Mils Set of Two 48" TiltView Rails
Akro Mils 24" TiltView Full Frame System
Akro Mils 48" TiltView Full Frame System
Save space and organize your shop with these TiltView Bin Organizers. The clear tilting bins ensure high visibility of your stored items. The cabinet itself is made of high-impact polystyrene and the neutral stone color is ideal for any environment. These can be used on the benchtop, mounted to the wall, or mounted on the special TiltView Rails and Frames (sold separately).