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Machine Covers

Small Power Tool Machine Cover, 27" x 36"
Medium Power Tool Machine Cover, 36" x 56"
Large Power Tool Machine Cover, 56" x 72"
Jumbo Power Tool Machine Cover, 72" x 112"
HTC Tool Saver 3-Piece Power Tool Machine Cover Set, HTC# TS-9030
Condensation and the rust it brings on are all too often the results of ordinary machine covers. These HTC covers are of a strong, durable cotton sheeting that is skip-coated with a special plastisol. The resulting cover is water resistant, but breathes so condensation doesn't collect. The covers have the hems rolled around the entire perimeter, with a rubberized magnet sewn into each corner. These durable silver-colored protectors are useful around the house, but are sized for woodworkers.