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Lumber Rack Storage System

Lumber Rack Set
Lumber Rack Strap, 55"
Lumber Rack Strap, 24"
Lumber Rack Bracket, 18"
Lumber Rack Bracket, 14"
Lumber Rack Bracket, 10"
For years we've been trying to find a practical, yet heavy-duty lumber rack for our shop. We finally found one at, of all places, the phone company! Telco's use this super heavy-duty wall rack system to organize their underground cable. This high load capacity system can also be used to store lumber. Straps are available in 24" and 55" lengths, are formed from 3/16" thick steel and coated with a rust protective coating. The 24" Strap has a mounting tab that nests under the 55" Strap for applications where the units are stack mounted. Straps have "keyed" adjustment holes, spaced 1-1/2" apart, to lock the Brackets into the Straps. The Brackets are also 3/16" thick coated steel, rolled to form an inverted "U" shape for strength. The 18" Bracket will support a 300 lb. load at the tip. The shorter Brackets will support even more weight because of their reduced distance from the wall.
  • The only real limitation of this system is the wall to which it is attached.
  • The Straps should be anchored to the wall with heavy lag type bolts or expansion studs in concrete.
  • The Straps should also contact the floor or a spacer to transfer the weight of the rack from the wall to the floor.
  • Straps should be placed no farther than 36" apart to properly support the weight of the lumber.
Lumber Rack Set. All the straps and brackets you need to efficiently store a variety of 8-foot lengths of lumber. Includes:
  • Three 24" straps
  • Three 55" straps
  • Three 10" brackets
  • Six 14" brackets
  • Six 18" brackets
Set does not include mounting bolts.