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2x4basics Project Kits - Just Add Lumber

2x4basics FlipTop BenchTable Kit
2x4basics ShelfLinks, 6-Pack - Sand
2x4basics ShelfLinks, 6-Pack - Black
2x4basics AnySize Chair Kit - Sand
2x4basics AnySize Table Kit - Sand
2x4basics Patio Table Kit - Sand
2x4basics Workbench with ShelfLinks
2x4basics Dekmate Bench Bracket, 2-Pack - Sand
2x4basics Dekmate Bench Bracket, 2-Pack - Black
2x4basics Dekmate Bench Bracket, 2-Pack - Redwood
2x4basics Picnic Table Kit
2x4basics ProBrackets Sawhorse, 2 Pack
Try one of these great building kits from 2x4basics. There's the FlipTop BenchTable, the Shelflinks, Anysize Chair, Anysize Table, Patio Table, Workbench, Dekmates, Picnic table, and ProBrackets Sawhorse to choose from. Just add 2x4 lumber!

Simple to assemble, and easy on the wallet!  What a perfect combination.