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ACCURIDE 1234 Flipper Door Slides

Accuride 22" Flipper Door Slides, 17-1/2" Travel, 2 pack
$37.34 $47.99
Accuride 24" Flipper Door Slides, 19-1/2" Travel, 2 pack
$37.34 $47.99
These are without a doubt the "easiest to install" flipper door systems on the market today. Choose the appropriate slide length and add the hinge system, one pair per door, that is applicable to your design and you have the complete system. Installation is easy, just position the slide against the ceiling and the floor of the cabinet, cut and install a follower strip, mount hinges to your door and clip into place. Each slide is capable of handling a 42" door up to 30 lbs.
  • Hinges are European design with 3-way adjustment.
  • Follower strip can be installed and adjusted without removing the slide.
  • Slides have a black matte finish.
  • Great for entertainment centers, armoires, kitchen cabinet or computer centers.
  • Instructions included.
Slides, only, one pair required per door. Hinges sold separately. Inset and Face Frame, 35mm hinge cup, and maximum 13/16" thick door. One pair required per door. Thick Doors, 40 mm hinge cup, door thickness 1" - 1-1/4". One pair required per door. Overlay Doors, 40 mm hinge cup 13/16" maximum door thickness. One pair required per door.