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Cabinet Locks

Manufactured by a European company that specializes in production of the finest locks for the furniture industry. Mechanisms are made of solid brass and spring-steel with all exposed case parts made of brass, except strike plates which are brass plated steel. Two chrome-plated keys with each lock. Mounting screws not included. Flush Mount Lock can be used for many projects including drawers and cabinet doors. Catch plate included. Requires No. 4 screws. Measurements - (A) 2-3/4", (B) 1-5/16", (C) 9/16", (D) 13/16", (E) 2-3/4", (F) 17/32", (G) 13/32", (H) 2-3/8", (I) 17/32". Full Mortise Chest Lock features bolt wings which expand into the catch plate when locked to hold lids down. For pianos, chests, and large box lids. Catch plate included. Requires No. 5 and No. 6 screws. Measurements for #13J51 - (A) 1-31/32", (B) 1-7/16", (C) 1", (D) 5/8", (E) 3-5/16", (F) 3/8", (G) 9/16", (H) 2-3/4", (I) 9/16". Measurements for #13J52 - (A) 1-31/32", (B) 1-13/16", (C) 1-1/4", (D) 5/8", (E) 3-5/16", (F) 3/8", (G) 9/16", (H) 2-3/4", (I) 9/16". Latch Type Full Mortise Chest Locks. A substantial post aligns catch plates so the lid lines up with the latch type bolt. Spring loaded bolt automatically locks when lid is closed. Requires No. 5 screws. Measurements - (A) 1-5/8", (B) 1-3/16", (C) 9/16", (D) 7/16", (E) 3", (F) 5/16", (G) 1/2", (H) 2-5/8", (I) 1/2". Reversible Full Mortise Cabinet Lock is fully mortised into the work piece and appears as a solid brass plate on the top surface. Used on drawers and cabinet doors, primarily for larger case work. Includes brass catch plate and metal catch. Requires No. 4 screws. Measurements - (A) 2-1/16", (B) 1-1/4", (C) 5/8", (D) 1/2", (E) 3-5/16", (F) 5/16", (G) 1/2", (H) 2-3/8", (I) 1/2". Shallow Mortise Lock. A full mortise lock designed for smaller projects. Includes catch plate. Requires No. 4 screws. Measurements - (A) 1-5/8", (B) 13/16", (C) 7/16", (D) 1/2", (E) 2-15/16", (F) 5/16", (G) 1/2", (H) 2-3/8", (I) 1/2".