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Sawtooth Shelf Support

Sawtooth Shelf Supports are a requirement any time you want to make vintage cabinetry, furniture with rustic simplicity or just plain old rock-solid shelf supports. Due to the effort required to make perfect sawtooth cuts, you may not have seen sawtooth shelf supports very often. Now, Woodcraft has found a cabinetmaker in New Jersey who has taken all the hard work out of the equation, making all wood adjustable shelf support systems available in easy to work lengths and a wide selection of species. This all wood adjustable shelf support system is 3/8" x 1" x 36" with sawtooth pattern cut into one edge. Systems are mounted in pairs with the sawteeth facing each other. Movable cleats fit between the sawteeth and support the shelves.
  • Adds a mechanical “WOW” factor to any project
  • Kit includes 4 sawtooth shelf support brackets and 2 lengths of cleat stock 36" long
  • Easy-to-follow instructions with template