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Hangman Picture Hanging Products

Hanging or moving pictures and mirrors is not a task anyone relishes. It takes a small box to hold all the tools you need for the job. Straight edge, laser lever, measuring tape, pencil, stud finder and a screw driver or seems like a lot of tools. Hangman® changes all that! Now in one convenient package you get everything you need to hang a picture or mirror straight and level every time. You'll still need the stud finder if you need one to anchor into and a screw driver but everything else is right in the package - fasteners, hangers and depending on what type of hanger you're using, a bubble level as well. Heavy Duty Mirror and Picture Hangers Robust extruded aluminum "french cleats" with a bubble level track designed to easily hang one picture or mirror level and keep it level with only a Phillips Head screwdriver. Bubble level, Wall Dog® screws and instructions included. Professional Kits Professional kits containing enough hangers and Bear-Claw® screws to hang from three to six pictures, mirrors or other similar objects. Bubble level, hole locators and instructions included. Keyhole Kit with Router Bit Want to hang your picture or shelf flush to the wall? Do it with this kit that includes a 1/4" key hole router bit for use with a plunge router, screw locators and 10 Bear-Claw® screws. Includes instruction for hanging with keyholes. Instructions for using the router bit not included. WallDog® Wire Hanger Kits Hanging a single picture with wire already attached? With the WallDog® Wire Hanger, simply locate where you want the picture to hang, attach with the WallDog® screw and you're in business. The 1-1/2" kit will hold up to 60 lbs and the 3" kit will hold up to 100 lbs. Each kit contain 1 hanger, 1 WallDog® screw and 2 friction bumpers. Bear Claw® Screws Need more screws? Hangman original Bear Claw® screws are double headed, self tapping screws capable of holding up to 100 lbs. Gold claws are 1" long with a slightly smaller outer head. These are perfect for use with d-rings, sawtooth hangers, picture and keyholes. Black claws are 1-1/4 long with both heads of equal size and may be used with d-rings or wire. Packs of 12.