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Wecheer 1/4 HP Flexible Shaft Carver Kit

Wecheer 1/4 HP Flexible Shaft Carver Kit
Wecheer Motor Hanger
Wecheer Foot Operated Speed Control
Wecheer Carving Handpiece
Wecheer Detail Handpiece
Wecheer Standard Handpiece
Wecheer Collet, 3/32"
Wecheer Collet, 1/8"
Wecheer Collet, 1/4"
Wecheer Replacement Outer Sheath for WE-330R
Wecheer Replacement Cable for WE-330R
Wecheer Replacement Motor Brushes for WE-330R
Tackle a complete range of projects with this heavy-duty Power Carving Kit - from fine detail work with smaller burrs to roughing-out at a much greater speed than you could with less powerful motors. And the powerful 1/4 hp motor is reversible - a bonus for left-handed carvers. This carver has a super flexible 42" shaft that does not require lubrication, eliminating the messy chore of disassembling and greasing the shaft.
    Kit includes:
  • 1/4 HP, 120v, 20,000 rpm motor
  • Variable speed, heavy-duty foot control pedal
  • Standard rotary handpiece
  • 3 collets (3/32", 1/8", 1/4")
  • Wrench
  • Tool hanger

Foot Operated Speed Control. Regulates motor speed, leaving your hands free to hold tools and workpieces. Can be used with most flexible shaft kits. Cord length is 74".
Standard Handpiece This ergonomic handpiece fits comfortably in your hand because of its tapered end. Provides great control for detail work and makes it easy to get into hard to reach areas. Comes with 3/32", 1/8" and 1/4" collets and wrench.
Detail Handpiece. This small, lightweight handpiece features a 9/16" diameter body so you can hold it like a pencil for your fine detailing. Comes with 1/8" and 3/32" collets and collet wrench. 4-1/2" overall length. Fits most flexible shaft tools.
Carving Handpiece. Convert your flexible shaft tool to a reciprocating carver. Includes a 1/4" 90º V-chisel, 3/8" #9 gouge, 3/8" straight chisel, 3/8" round nose chisel, 5/16" straight chisel and collet wrench. Fits most flexible shaft carving tools. 5-1/2" overall length, 1" diameter.
Motor Hanger. With just the twist of a knob, you can clamp this hanger to your work surface. Since the sturdy post is comprised of 3 rigid steel tubes that screw together, you can also vary the height of the hanger from 13" to 40".