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Pinnacle Cryogenic Turning Tools

Pinnacle Cryogenic Turning Set, 5 piece
Pinnacle Cryogenic Bowl Turning Set
Pinnacle Cryogenic Spindle Turning Set
Pinnacle Cryogenic Fingernail Bowl Gouge 1/2"
Pinnacle Cryogenic Fingernail Bowl Gouge 3/8"
Pinnacle Cryogenic Roughing Gouge 3/4"
Pinnacle Cryogenic Spindle Gouge 1/2"
Pinnacle Cryogenic Scraper 1" Square Nose
Pinnacle Cryogenic Spindle Gouge 3/8"
Pinnacle Cryogenic Scraper 1" Round Nose
Pinnacle Cryogenic Skew Chisel 3/4"
Pinnacle Cryogenic 3/16" Diamond Parting Tool
Pinnacle Cryogenic Bowl Finish Scraper
Pinnacle Cryogenic Fingernail Bowl Gouge 1/4"
Pinnacle Cryogenic Scraper, 3/4" Side Cut
Pinnacle Cryogenic Scraper, 1/2" Round Nose
Pinnacle Cryogenic Spindle Gouge 1/4"
Pinnacle Cryogenic Roughing Gouge 1-1/4"
Pinnacle Cryogenic Roughing Gouge 1-3/4"
Pinnacle Cryogenic Skew Chisel 1"
Pinnacle Cryogenic Pepper Mill Tool
Whether you are a professional production turner or a hobbyist with limited shop time, these cryogenically treated tools stay sharp two to three times longer than standard M-2 High Speed Steel tools so you are turning more and sharpening less! Manufactured in Sheffield exclusively for Woodcraft, these cryogenically treated turning tools offer many of the characteristics of powdered metal tools, without the cost of powdered metal tools. The cryogenic treatment process uses sub-zero temperatures, down to -300°F, to modify the micro-structure of the steel into a more uniform grain structure that allows you to hone to a fine edge without chipping. Also, your cutting edge is more durable and more resistant to wear. Each tool is mounted in a European ash handle. Overall tool lengths range from 17" to 23". Pinnacle® Cryogenic 5 pc Miniature Set 5 miniature turning tools with cryogenically treated steel for exceptional edge retention lasting up to 3 times longer than standard M2 steel. The perfect set of for crafting those smaller delicate turnings. Each set contains: 1/8" gouge, 1/4" gouge, 1/16" parting tool, 1/4" skew chisel and a 1/4" round nose scraper. Each tool measures approximately 9 ¾" long with a 6" handle and come in a nice box which can be used for storage. Pinnacle® Cryogenic Pen Set The perfect set for turning small projects like pen and bottle stoppers. Appropriately sized (approximately 9" long) so you won't get worn out doing a lot of small turning like you might if using standard tools. Plus, they're cryogenically treated steel blades hold an edge up to 3 times longer than standard M2 tools. This means you can spend more time turning between sharpenings and this extra durability will come in handy turning almost anything you can drive a pen blank into from the toughest plastics to the hardest woods. 3 piece set contains a ¼" Bowl Gouge, a ½" Oval Skew Chisel and a 1/8" Parting Tool.