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Horse Hair Brushes & Giant Dust Pan

Bench Brush
Bench Brush
Drafters Brush
Dust Pan, Regular, Aluminum
Dust Pan, Giant, Aluminum
Brushes make cleaning troublesome dust an easy task. Both brushes feature lacquered hardwood handles with horsehair bristles. The standard style Bench Brush is great for general purpose and bench top cleaning. It has a bristle base of 2-1/2" x 9" with 2-1/2" long bristles. The Draftsman Brush, for cleaning in tight, hard to reach areas, has a bristle base of 1/2" x 7-3/4" with 2" long bristles. Aluminum Dust Pans. When you make a big mess you need a bigger dust pan to pick it up! Our Giant Dust Pan is a huge 17" wide, enough to cover the full width of a standard push boom. The Standard pan is 12" wide. Both have sturdy rivited handles and are built to handle typical shop abuse.