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Project Supplies

Woodworking supplies are the pieces that tie our woodworking craft together. Caning supplies, woodturning supplies, and woodworking project supplies make woodworking work. Woodworkers supply the dream and the sweat and Woodcraft supplies the rest. Woodcraft offers a complete array of woodworking supplies for all of your woodworking projects.
Caning Supplies

Clock Supplies

Clock making is a respected and singular art. From William Davis to Seth Thomas, clockmakers have been pairing beautiful wood with a clock movement to create a work of art. Woodcraft honors this tradition by offering clock kits, clock parts, clock making supplies and materials. If you need a clock movement, either mechanical or quartz, and a clock kit to get started, Woodcraft has all of the clock making supplies and tools you need. Woodcraft is the best place to get clock kits, clock parts, clock movements and more for your clock making adventure. You will have the time of your life!

Cutting Board Blanks

Custom Drawers

Dollhouse Supplies

Glass Accessories

Mirror Round 5"
Mirror Round 3"
Mirror Round 4"
Mirror Round 6"

Hand Plane Making Kits

Knife Making Kits

Miscellaneous Project Supplies

Musical Instrument Kits & Supplies

Pen Turning Kits, Blanks and Accessories

Pen turning is really exciting. Watching a pen take shape on your lathe is like watching a sun rise, where beauty comes out of nowhere. Woodcraft offers a complete selection of pen kits, pen blanks and pen turning kits to help you create a beautiful wooden pen that will last for generations.

Personalized Workshop Signs

Picture Framing

A miter saw is the perfect picture framing tool to create a tight corner with an elegant look. Picture frames are the accent to our memories and highlight to the images of our lives. An elegant picture frame complements both the picture and the woodworker. Using a high quality miter saw and a quality mat cutter, you can become a picture framing expert. Woodcraft carries a complete line of picture framing tools, miter saws and mat cutters to help you create the perfect picture frame.

Sign Making Stock


Woodburning is a great way to personalize your projects. From woodburning craft kits to woodburning tools, Woodcraft has the best pyrography tools (that's woodburning to you and me) to help you add that special touch to your latest projects. We carry a full assortment of woodburning craft kits and books to help you get started or become a pyrographic master!

Tool Kit 10 In 1
Woodburning Pen

Wooden Parts

Wooden wheels were the first wheels created. Wooden pins are the oldest mechanical fastening device. And even today, wooden pins are a sign of quality craftsmanship. At Woodcraft, we value quality, so we carry a wide assortment of wooden pins, wooden wheels, wooden dowels and other wooden parts like wooden table legs. Woodcraft values wood.

Woodturning Kits & Projects