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Shop Essentials


Like an extra pair of hands, or a steadfast assistant, wood clamps from Woodcraft give you all the support you need in your woodworking shop. From our Bessey clamps, like the revolutionary Bessey K-Body Clamp, to the classic C clamp to the bar clamp, Woodcraft carries an incredible selection of wood clamps, bar clamps, corner clamps and more.


Wood finishes protect and preserve your projects, but moreover, they enhance the natural beauty of wood. Finding the right finish, be it a protective polyurethane finish or a rich tung oil, gives your woodworking projects a luster and glow that truly reveals the art of woodworking. Danish oil finishes add depth and warmth and traditional paste finishes bring a shine that is simply unmatched. Woodcraft has a complete selection of finishes and wood finishes, including tung oil, danish oil, polyurethane, and all the accessories you need to create a durable, beautiful wood finish.

Flooring & Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Glue & Glue Accessories

Glue is the stuff woodworkers dream about. Glue, woodglue, epoxy, and resin all have incredible staying power. As strong as nails, but glue fits where nails won't. Tight bonding woodglue keeps your projects together and your joints tight! Woodcraft carries an incredible assortment of glue and wood glue from Titebond Glue to Gorilla Glue and 5-Minute Epoxy to aliphatic resin, Woodcraft has the adhesives you need!

Knives and Utility Blades

Pocket knives and utility knives are a great way to have the convenience of on the go adjustments for fishing and camping trips, markings, carvings and any other situation that may arise. Woodcraft offers a great supply of pocket knives, utility knives, utility blades, marking knives, carving knives, hunting knives, fishing knives, household knives and more. For your on the go knife needs, trust Woodcraft at a great price.

Ladders and Scaffolding

Marking & Measuring Tools

Measure twice, cut once is an age old maxim in woodworking. But measuring is hard without the right measuring tools. Calipers, Trammell points, and even the trusty old tape measure are the kinds of tools you need for accurate measurement. Calipers to help scribe and measure depth, and tape measure to find the perfect length. These quality measuring tools from Woodcraft give you the confidence to know that you will only have to cut once. And one cut means that your projects come out right. Find the finest measuring tools anywhere at Woodcraft.

Sanding, Sandpaper & Accessories

Sanding tools and scraping tools are critical to creating the perfect finish on your woodworking project. Woodcraft offers a complete array of sanding tools, from drum sanders to belt sanders. We also offer a complete selection of scraping tools ranging from carbide tipped scrapers to shavehooks. You favorite scaping tool or sanding tool is just an order away!


Sharpening stones are an age-old approach to tool maintenance. Tool sharpening, especially with a Japanese water stone, can be a delight, creating a bond between craftsman and tool, allowing for your best work, be it carving or turning, to emerge. Sharpening stones and water stones create a rhythm as the craftsman sharpens a tool edge. To carve and create intricately, it is critical that your tools are sharp and fine. Sharpening tools is an elegant way to reach back to the past, when all woodcraft was handmade, and when quality mattered. The passionate woodworker keeps his sharpening stones near at hand, because in woodworking, it is the edge that matters. Woodcraft helps you keep that edge with a wide selection of sharpening stones, sharpening tools, and sharpening stones.

Honing Guide
$14.99 $9.99
8in Slow Speed Grinder
Work Sharp 3000
Pinnacle Honing Guide
$114.99 $89.99

Shop Safety

Safety products are the most important items we sell, as workshop safety is of the utmost importance. We love our customers and we want you to be with us for a long time, so we emphasize shop safety everyday. From gloves and goggles to breathers and ear protection, Woodcraft carries a complete selection of safety products to keep your workshop safe, and to keep our favorite woodworker, you, safe too. Get all of your safety products for workshop safety at Woodcraft.com.

Shop Accessories


Pinnacle Wood Rack
4 Shelf Standard


A good vise, literally, helps you get a grip on things. Vises, especially bench vises are like an extra set of hands on your shop. (Better yet, they are hands that never get tired or want to take a coffee break!) Woodcraft carries a wide array of vises and bench vises to keep you productive!

Workbenches & Hardware

The workbench is where everything starts in your shop. It is the command central of woodworking. From the elegant Nordic Sjobergs Work Bench to accessories like bench dogs, Woodcraft offers the woodworker an incredible choice of workbenches, wood bench tools and accessories.

Miscellaneous Shop Must-Have Essentials