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Power Tools

Power tools are one the great joys of woodworking. A table saw sings a beautiful song as it roars through your stock. Cordless power tools, like cordless drills, bring flexibility and speed to any job. Air power tools, like pneumatic nailers, bring unparalleled power to your shop. Power tools make woodworking easier and help you shape your vision. Fill up your shop with power tools, air power tools and cordless power tools from Woodcraft. We carry the best power tool brands, like DeWalt, Porter Cable, Festool and more.
Air Compressors

Portable Air Compressors are small but powerful, making them perfect for on the go jobs. Air Compressors are also good for your woodworking needs, no matter what they may be and what power tools you're powering. Portable Air Compressors from Woodcraft allow you the power you need and the portability you want. Find the right portable air compressor for you from Woodcraft.

Bandsaws, Blades & Accessories

Woodcraft offers a multitude of bandsaws ranging from the larger cutting needs to smaller. Whether you're looking for a stationary bandsaw, bench top bandsaw or bandsaw accessories, we've got your woodworking needs covered. Read and review our current supply to find which bandsaw from Woodcraft is the right fit for you.

Power Carving

At Woodcraft, we've got everything you need for power carving. We have accessories, burrs and more power carving tools accessories than you could use. We have flexible shaft machines to help you with those rough cuts. Our micro motor systems are good for those fine details in your power wood carving routine. Last but not least, don't forget about our air powered power carvers to help you with the smallest details. Let woodcraft help you find the perfect power carver, one of the must have power tools for your woodworking needs.

CNC Machines

CNC Machines now allow you and your business to create 3D woodcarving products with a personal computer. Our CNC Machines use either Mac or PC and can also have a flash drive plugged in, to avoid moving computers around. The CNC woodworking Machines also come with their own software to convert images and designs. woodworking in 3D has never been easier with a CNC Machine from Woodcraft.

Circular Saws, Blades & Accessories

The circular saw makes the woodshop go round. There is no more useful cutting tool than the circular saw. With the myriad circular saw blades available, 4 inch circular saws and 7 inch circulars saws are versatile power saws. Circular saws have both power and dexterity, and Woodcraft has a full assortment of circular saws, 4 inch and 7 inch circular saws that round out even the most fully stocked woodshop. Woodcraft is the best place to buy a circular saw.

Cordless Tools

Woodcraft Cordless power tools give you the flexibility you need without sacrificing power. Our Cordless power tools are powerful, compact and versatile enough for any woodworking project. Woodcraft knows how important the battery is when it comes to cordless power tools, so we make sure our batteries are at their best so you can be at your best. Whatever your needs, Woodcraft has the right Cordless tools for your woodworking project.

Drills & Drivers

Drills and Drivers are a basic need for any woodworking project. Our cordless hand drills last up to three times longer using lithium ion batteries versus traditional Ni-Cad batteries. Let Woodcraft get your woodworking project off on the right foot.

Drill Presses & Accessories

Drill presses are a great tool to use for smooth, precise holes in your woodworking project. Woodcraft offers stationary Drill presses and bench top drill presses for smaller jobs. For those demanding jobs, lasers and LED lights on some of our Drill presses allow precision craftsmanship to get the job done right the first time. No matter what your woodworking project, Woodcraft has the Drill press for you.

Dust Collectors, Extractors & Accessories

Saw Dust around your woodworking projects can be annoying and dangerous for your health. Dust collectors and extractors provide you with a safe work environment. Woodcraft also offers air filtration systems in addition to dust collectors and extractors. No matter what your woodworking needs, Woodcraft has the dust collector for you.

Shop Vacs

Shop Vacs are an integral part of any woodworking station. Woodcraft helps you with your woodworking projects by offering some of the best shop vacs around. We have brand names like the Festool dust extractors, so you know you can trust our products to get the job done right the first time. Your woodworking project isn't complete until you've done the cleanup, let Woodcraft shop vacs help you finish the job.

Grinders, Buffers and Sharpeners

Sharpeners, Buffers and Grinders are at the core of any woodworkers tools. No matter what your woodworking project, fixing wood or setting up just the way you need is almost impossible without sharpeners, grinders and buffers. Woodcraft has water cooled sharpening systems, 8 variable speed bench grinders and angle grinders among others for all your woodworking needs. For the best tools with customer satisfaction, find your sharpeners, buffers and grinders at Woodcraft.


Jig Saws, Blades & Accessories

A Jigsaw is one of the most useful tools to have for a woodworking project or around the house in general. It can cut straight, curved and beveled cuts, which would be difficult by hand. A jigsaw combines the functions of bandsaw, circular saw, and a scroll saw into one portable tool. Woodcraft offers D Handle Jigsaws, Barrel Grip Jigsaws and Jigsaw Blades and accessories for all your woodworking needs.

Joinery Tools & Accessories

One of the most important aspects of woodworking is bringing wood together with joinery tools. Our Domino joiner from Festool lets you make flawless mortises every time for your woodworking project in about half the time. Our biscuit joiners can cut wood as narrow as 1-1/2 width. Woodcraft also offers joinery accessories and more for all your woodworking needs. Check out our Woodcraft Magazine for more information and tips on joinery tools and how it can help your woodworking projects.


Table Saws and Surface Planers are great tools to have for your woodworking projects but neither one of them can do their job, without a Jointer. A jointer can help with your woodworking projects by flattening one edge of the stock and creating flat edges. Woodcraft offers Straight Knife jointers, Helical Head Jointers and Combination Planer-Jointer Machines all offering superior finishes and quit cuts. Jointers from woodcraft offer multiple knives and cutting angles to handle all your woodworking and Jointer needs.

Wood Lathes, Accessories & Chucks

woodworking Lathes come in all different sizes, ranging from 1/2 HP DC Motor mini lathes to more than 2 HP full size lathes. Woodcraft has one of the largest selections of woodworking lathes on the market, so no matter the size or scope of your turning project,you can be sure that Woodcraft has the right lathe for you.

Lawn & Garden

Miter Saws, Stands, Blades & Accessories

Miter Saws are a stable for almost any woodworking project. Miter Saws allow woodworkers to cross cut at angles and build corners as well as creating edges. Woodcraft offers compound Miter Saws, sliding compound Miter Saws and Miter Saw accessories. Compound Miter Saws are great at performing two different angled cuts at the same time. Woodcraft also offers Miter Saw accessories such as a Miter Saw laser guide to keep it straight. Woodcraft offers all your Miter Saw needs for your woodworking projects.

Mortisers & Accessories

If your project includes the use of mortise and tenon joinery, you'll appreciate the large selection of mortising equipment and accessories that Woodcraft has to offer. Our selection includes bench top Mortisers, stationary Mortisers and Mortiser accessories. Woodcraft has the exact mortising equipment to complete your project right.

Multi-Function Tools & Accessories

A multi-function tool like is perfect for any woodworking job as well as other jobs. Multi-function tools can help with remodeling and repair jobs, as well as hobbies, tile, car repairs, even scraping old floor coverings. A multi-function tool saves you space in your tool storage area and saves you money by doing the job of multiple tools all in one. To make the most of your multi-function tool, Woodcraft also offers a huge selection of accessories. For all your woodworking needs, trust Woodcraft to deliver the right products at an affordable price.

Pneumatics / Air Tools, Fasteners & Accessories

Pneumatic tools and air tools allow you to perform a variety of woodworking jobs with ease. Woodcrafts portable air compressors are small but powerful tools that allow you to take your heavy duty work on the go. Woodcraft offers pneumatic nailers, staplers, sanders and pneumatic accessories to help you deliver portable power to all your woodworking projects. For all your portable power tool needs, woodcraft delivers power and portability at a great price.

Planers & Accessories

Planers are one of the basic tools for any woodshop. No other machine comes close to the power and efficiency of material removal than a planer. Woodcraft offers planers in just about any shape and size; from a small hand-held planers to a 24 Industrial helical head planers. Find the right planer for you at Woodcraft.

Power Feeders

Power Feeders allow you to cut wood safely and efficiently for your woodworking projects. The power feeders Woodcraft offers are fully adjustable to accommodate almost any task. The power feeders are also safe because they keep your hands and eyes away from harm that typical manual cutters often do not. If you are looking for a safe and speedy way to get wood ready for your woodworking project, look no further than Woodcraft's power feeders.

Pressure Washers and Water Pumps

Routers, Router Bits & Accessories

Just about every woodworking project requires the use of a router. From applying a quick decorative edge to the creation of a beautiful dovetail joint, you'll quickly discover that a router is the most versatile tool in your arsenal. Our router selection includes fixed base, plunge base, multi-base and laminate trimmers. All of these in a wide range of motor configurations. In addition to our routers, Woodcraft offers the widest selection of name brand router bits and router accessories that you can find in one place!

Handheld Sanders & Sandpaper

If your woodworking project requires a smooth surface, Woodcraft has the handheld power sanders to get the job done in minutes. Woodcraft offers random orbit sanders, finishing sanders and belt sanders from many of the top manufacturers. Woodcraft also offers smaller detail sanders that are designed to add detail and fit into hard to reach places. No matter what your woodworking project requires, Woodcraft has the power sander to fit your needs.

Sanding Machines

Woodcraft has one of the largest woodworking selections of sanding machines in the industry. No matter what the project, Woodcraft has the sander for you;Drum Sanders, Edge Sanders, Wide Belt Sanders, Spindle Sanders, Belt/Disc Sanders and Disc Sanders. Woodcraft also offers a complete selection of abrasives for just about any sander on the market.

Saws & Saw Blades

For any woodworking project, a saw is going to be a necessary tool to get the wood the right shape and size. Woodcraft has one of the largest selections of saws anywhere including Bandsaws, Circular Saws, Electric Chain Saws, Jig Saws, Miter Saws, Panel Saws, Radial Arm Saws, Reciprocating Saws, Scroll Saws, Table Saws and Tile Saws. No matter your woodworking needs, Woodcraft has the right saw to fit your project, budget and space.

Scroll Saws, Blades & Accessories

For woodworking projects that require intricate detailed cuts, Scroll Saws are your best friend. Scroll Saws don't have continuous blades which allow you to make cuts on all types of wood, thickness and shape, as well as other material. Scroll saws are excellent tools for both beginner and skilled woodworkers. Ease of use can increase productivity and accuracy whether you are a beginner or expert. It is important to select the right saw for your needs based upon capacity, speed and blade related features. Make sure your Scroll Saw can handle the sizes and materials you work with. Woodcraft has a variety of Scroll Saws for whatever your needs may be. Trust Woodcraft for your Woodworking needs.


For woodworking projects, wood shapers help you create dramatic effects on a large scale. Wood shapers can cut profiles into large pieces of wood and large amounts. Shapers make it easy to create paneling cuts, door panels and the like with great precision. The shaper is an industrial strength machine for serious woodworkers and woodworking projects. Better than a router, with more power and deeper profile cuts, the shaper is an indispensable tool for the passionate woodworker. Woodcraft carries a complete line of shapers and woodworking shapers to help find your next wood shaper at Woodcraft.

Small Scale/Model Making

Woodworking projects don't only relate to larger scale products. Woodcraft understands that woodworking tools are also needed for smaller scale projects and model making wood jobs. For many of your smaller scale wood projects tools such as Micro Mills, Pen Sanders, Micro Woodturning Lathe and Micro Plunge Routers among others are great tools. Woodcraft offers all these great tools for your small scale woodworking projects in addition to others.

Table Saws, Blades, Stands & Accessories

Table Saws are traditionally one of the first tools a professional woodworker buys but also well known to woodworking hobbyists. There is a wide range of cuts and materials that Cabinet Table Saws, Contractor Table Saws, Hybrid Table Saws and Panel Table Saws provide. Each saw offers different quality and portability attributes, so it is important to take into account your future and current woodworking needs. Choose the right Table Saw for you based on your power, storage and capability needs. Finding the right Table Saw and accessories for your needs at Woodcraft is easy to do.