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Hardware is the critical finishing touch to your project. Home hardware, like hinges, knobs and pulls, adds a definitive style to your work. Hardware is not just the exclamation point on a beautiful wood project, but rather an integrated component that brings the project together. Clasps, hinges and escutcheons make your work shine. Woodcraft offers a complete line of hardware, home hardware and hardware supplies. Add the final hardware touches to your projects today!
Bed Hardware

If you're building a custom bed frame for your next project, Woodcraft has everything you need. Non-mortise bed rail fittings, bed rail bracket set, bed rail fittings, Sheraton style bed bolt covers and more. For all your custom bed frame needs, trust Woodcraft.

Catches & Hasps

Any door, cabinet, desk or other similar woodworking project requires catches, hasps, magnetic latches and strike plates. Magnetic catches are great for keeping drawers closed on any type of moving vehicle or section you want secure. Woodcraft box catches safely and securely fasten almost any box. For all your catches and hasps needs, trust Woodcraft.

Computer, TV & Stereo

Computer, TV and stereo equipment is a great way to make your home, car or outdoor setting more enjoyable. Woodcraft can help you install or create a more aesthetically pleasing environment for your stereo or computer. Woodcraft offers flipper door slides, cable management grommets, wire management grommets, Weber Knapp keyboard mechanisms and more. For all your custom stereo and computer needs, trust Woodcraft.

Door Bells

Door Knockers

Decorative Hardware

Woodcraft makes putting the finishing touch to that woodworking project you've made quite easy. Our fancy hardware selection includes Classic Brass hardware, Laurey cabinet hardware, Mission style hardware and more. These pieces make a great addition to the end of cabinets, drawers and more. To put that little extra flare on your cabinet or drawer, trust Woodcraft.

Custom Drawers

Custom hardwood dovetailed drawers are a great addition to any kitchen or cabinet space. Woodcraft offer drawer heights from around 2 inches to 11 inches. Superior quality, solid hardwood, accurately and expertly machined custom dovetail drawers are available from Woodcraft at a great price. For all your custom drawer needs, including a metal box system for drawers, trust Woodcraft.


Woodcraft offers a full selection of screws, nails, nuts and bolts and fasteners. We offer our own Highpoint brand of screws to help you with all of your fastening needs. From wood screws to dry wall screws, and galvanized nails to ten penny nails, Woodcraft has the nail, screw, nut, bolt or fastener you need in stock!

Drawer & Table Slides

Any cabinet, table, desk or other piece of woodworking project you create is going to need to be functional. Woodcraft offers drawer, table and door slides for a number of furniture setups. Heavy duty flipper slides, two way travel slides, suspended mount keyboard slides, drawer slides, mounting tools and more are available by Accuride, from Woodcraft. Weather you need heavy duty or just something that functions, Woodcraft has your drawer needs at a great price.


Hinges are the underappreciated star of woodworking. A good hinge can make a huge difference in your project, both functionally and aesthetically. Woodcraft has an incredible variety of hinges, cabinet hinges, door hinges and more. From European-styled hinges, to solid brass hinges, Woodcraft has the hinge that you are looking for!

Jig & Fixture Hardware

What is going to hold together that woodworking master piece you've created? Jigs and fixtures will do the trick most of the time. Woodcraft offers Incra T-Track jigs and fixtures, jig and fixture knobs and handles, and specialty jig and fixture hardware for all your needs. To make your own custom clamping and holding device for increased accuracy and efficiency in your projects or woodworking shop, trust Woodcraft for the right accessory at the right price.

Kitchen & Bath Storage Hardware


Cabinet and Door knobs can add that little extra to your woodworking project. Woodcraft has plenty of cabinet and door knobs to choose from including solid brass knobs, unfinished wood knobs, animal shaped knobs, hatteras knobs and more. For the right cabinet and door knob at the right price, trust Woodcraft's selection.

Knock Down Hardware

When beginning any type of woodworking project, it is necessary to have knock down hardware. No matter what your woodworking project, knock down hardware can help you connect all the pieces of your woodworking puzzle. Woodcraft offers knock down connectors, bed rail fittings, joint connectors, keyhole hangers, threaded inserts and more. Trust Woodcraft for all your knock down hardware needs.

Lighting for Cabinets, Drawers and Tools

If you're building a cabinet, drawer or desk, or just looking to add something to your workshop, adding lighting may be a good addition to your woodworking project. Woodcraft offers wireless LED lights, 100 watt multi-lamps, shop lights, LED button lights and more. For your woodworking lighting needs at a great price, trust Woodcraft.

Locks & Escutcheons

Custom locks and escutcheons are a great addition to many woodworking projects such as desks or cabinets. Woodcraft offers cabinet locks, drawer locks, period escutcheons & handles, quadrant hinges, solid brass escutcheon pins and more. For all your custom lock and escutcheon needs, trust Woodcraft for the right product at the right price.

Hardware - Miscellaneous

Woodcraft offers miscellaneous hardware for all kinds of woodworking projects. Woodcraft offers anything from turn buttons, keyhole hangers, cabinet levelers, glass retainer clips, door tracks, bed frame supports and almost anything else you may need to finish your woodworking project. For all your hardware needs, trust Woodcraft.


A drawer pull completes the look. Cabinet pulls add the perfect accent to highlight your woodworking. Door pulls are the tactile impression that your visitors have when they open your door. Woodcraft carries a wide selection of the best drawer pulls, cabinet pulls and door pulls. A simple drawer pull can take your project from nice to amazing. Get your drawer pulls, cabinet pulls and door pulls at Woodcraft.com.

Shelf Pins & Brackets

Having sturdy and quality shelves in your woodworking space can make a huge difference. Woodcraft offers shelf pins and brackets to help you create a sturdy shelf for all your tools. Shelf supports, folding shelf brackets, shelf pin jigs, spiral shelf supports, shelf pins and supports and more. Woodcraft offers the perfect accessories to your woodworking shelf at the right price.


Table Hardware

Template Systems

Trunk & Briefcase Hardware

Wheels & Casters

If you're tired of moving your tools, tables and chairs around by picking them up, try putting them on heavy duty caster wheels. You can put your entire woodworking shop on heavy duty castor wheels. Woodcraft offers heavy duty casters, retracting casters, machine leveling casters, swivel casters, cabinet casters and more to allow you to move your favorite parts of your shop quickly and easily. For heavy duty casters that can get the job done right, trust Woodcraft for the right wheel at the right price.