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Hand Tools

Hand tools are perhaps the most personal and treasured parts of any woodshop. A hand tool that helps you shape and mold and create your vision holds a special spot in a woodworker's heart. Woodcraft has an incredible selection of the finest hand tools.

Wood carving is perhaps the most ancient woodworking skill. To carve wood, to shape and form wood with the simple application of a sharp blade is an eternal wonder. Wood carving tools are personal and unique. They are an extension of the wood carver. Woodcraft carries a full selection of wood carving tools and carving patterns for the passionate wood carver. With a drawknife or a power carver, to carve is to create. Carving patterns in a block of wood creates something personal and precise, a work of art. Let Woodcraft help you on your next carving project.


From ancient times, chisels have played an important part in woodworking. The chisel is a simple tool, elegant in its economy and graceful in its purpose. The wood chisel cuts, shapes and brings definition. From mortise chisels to complete chisel sets, Woodcraft carries a complete line of the finest chisels.

Rasps & Files

A wood file or rasp is the perfect hand tool to shape your next woodworking project. There is something satisfying about finishing a curve with rasp or file. Graceful lines and the perfect curve, created by just you and your favorite file or rasp. Woodcraft has a wide selection of files, rasps and rifflers to help with any project.

Hammers and Mallets

Hammers and mallets are a great way to provide a lot of force with little surface damage. Woodcraft offers soft head mallets, dead blow mallets, brienz carving mallets, beechwood mallets and dovetail mallets that are great for reducing arm fatigue and little surface damage. For your woodworking hammer and mallets needs at a great price, trust Woodcraft.

Hand Saws

Saws are perhaps the oldest woodworking tool. No other tool gives you the control or the power over your stock like a good saw. Woodcraft offers a full range of saws, saw blades and saw accessories. With quality brands like DeWalt and Jet, regardless of the type of woodworking saw you need, Woodcraft has it. From table saws to Japanese pull saws, and from wide kerf to rip cut, Woodcraft has the right saw for your job.

Hand Tool Kits

Knives and Utility Blades

Pocket knives and utility knives are a great way to have the convenience of on the go adjustments for fishing and camping trips, markings, carvings and any other situation that may arise. Woodcraft offers a great supply of pocket knives, utility knives, utility blades, marking knives, carving knives, hunting knives, fishing knives, household knives and more. For your on the go knife needs, trust Woodcraft at a great price.

Marking & Measuring Tools

Measure twice, cut once is an age old maxim in woodworking. But measuring is hard without the right measuring tools. Calipers, Trammell points, and even the trusty old tape measure are the kinds of tools you need for accurate measurement. Calipers to help scribe and measure depth, and tape measure to find the perfect length. These quality measuring tools from Woodcraft give you the confidence to know that you will only have to cut once. And one cut means that your projects come out right. Find the finest measuring tools anywhere at Woodcraft.


Scrapers are a great way to leave a smooth surface in a quick and easy fashion. Scrapers are capable of smoothing surfaces from cabinets to floors and almost anything in between. Woodcraft offers scraper sets, scraper blades, sharp scrapers, cabinet scrapers, shavehooks, scraper holders, scraper sharpeners and more. For the right scraper tools at the right price, trust Woodcraft.



Hand Staplers

Timber Framing

Timber framing is perhaps the oldest form of modern construction and Woodcraft offers you today's best timber framing tools. Axes, hatchets, froes and drawknives have been used for centuries and today's woodworker can use the same kind of timber framing tools that their great-grandparents did. Woodcraft has the best selection of timber framing tools, including hand axes from Grandfors, quality froes and drawknives. When you are building a timber frame structure, be it your house or a new addition, quality timber framing tools are essential to completing your job with style. Top-quality drawknives, like PFEIL "Swiss Made" Drawknives and hatchets like Grandfors can help you create beautiful timber framing for even the most ambitious project.

Gransfors Hatchet
Gransfors Forest Axe
Gransfors Carpenters Axe

Woodboring Tools

Woodboring tools, like Forstner bits, are durable and exacting. From joinery projects to circle cutting, Woodcraft carries a full selection of Forstner bits, drill bits, wood threading tools and woodboring jigs to help you complete your project.

Woodturning Tools, Lathes & Kits

Wood turning is like magic. Taking burlwood and creating a bowl or turning the intricate pattern of a chair stile is an exercise in discovery. To coax the best out your stock, you need the finest wood turning tools, like gouges and scrapers, lathe chucks and the latest lathe accessories. Woodcraft wants to help you discover the beauty of wood turning, and wants to help you bring out the best from your projects. With the sharpest wood turning tools and finest lathe accessories, Woodcraft can help you bring your lathe to life.

Woodworking Hand Planes & Spokeshaves

Hand planes are one of the oldest woodworking tools still viewed as a valuable tool today and perhaps the purest expression of the woodworking arts. Powered by muscle, the block plane imposes your vision and forces your will on the wood. Woodworkers covet their wood hand planes and hand them down from generation to generation. Woodcraft carries a complete line of woodworking hand planes, bench planes, block planes, plane blades, rabbet planes and spokeshaves. Start your grandchildren's hand tool collection today with quality hand planes, spokeshaves or wood planes. They will thank you years from now.