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From: Woodcraft

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Drives and Finishes

Phillips Drive

The most common drive
for wood application fasteners.

Combination Square/Phillips Drive

Designed to be driven with a Combo or Square Drive Bit to provide better engagement and
reduction of "cam-out"while driving.A Phillips Drive Bit cannot be used for installation, and
could be used for removal
if a Square or Combo Bit is not available.
Square Drive

Provides better engagement and reduction of bit "cam-out" while driving.

Pozi Drive

Designed to provide higher torque in hand driving applications.



Combination Phillips and Slotted Drive
found primarily on Truss Head Machine Screws A Phillips Bit is recommended for driving. A Slotted Drive Bit is recommended only for removal.


Antique Brass UltraGuard
Black Zinc
Bright Brass Zinc with Painted Sand Head
Nickel Zinc with painted White Head
Plain Zinc Yellow