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An instant glue for just about everything

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An instant glue for just about everything

Titebond Instant Bond CA Adhesives

The first adhesive choice for pen turners and finish carpenters, cyanoacrylate (CA) glues are suitable for attaching almost anything to anything else, in just a few minutes. Titebond manufacturer, Franklin International, now offers a line of CAs that works with other materials but is specially formulated for wood. The glues have a two-year shelf life (unopened), a 4000 psi tensile strength, and a service temperature range from -65°F to +200°F. Titebond CA comes in four viscosities, from watery thin (for assembling and fi nishing pens), to gel (for mitered returns). Give the joint a spritz of the activator for an instantaneous bond.
#149430 Thin, 2 oz. $9.99
#149433 Medium, 2 oz. $9.99
#149436 Thick, 2 oz. $9.99
#149439 Gel, 2 oz. $12.99
#149442 Activator, 2 oz. $ 7.99
Woodcraft Tester: Kent Harpool