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Machinist Precision in the Woodshop

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From: Woodcraft Magazine

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Metalworkers don’t usually have the luxury of a fluff factor. Their work can’t often be sanded or trimmed to fit, so their layouts must be precise. The Precision Triangle Set from Pinnacle brings that kind of accuracy to the woodshop in the form of two extremely precise triangular squares. One is just 4½", which is perfect for storage in an apron pocket, and both will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

THE SETUP: The Precision Triangle Set comes with an MDF protective holder that can be screwed to the shop wall. The two triangular squares are heavy duty (¼"-thick anodized aluminum), beautifully machined, coated with a durable
black finish, and laser engraved in 1/16" increments. Also included are three knurled brass knobs (with plastic washers) that are used to hold the two squares together in their storage case.

TRIAL RUN: With both 45° and 90° corners, the two squares are ideal for checking the accuracy of blades and machines Photo A. They are accurate to 1/1000", and the larger square is just the right size to check a table saw blade tilt, bandsaw tables, the positive stops on a mitersaw. The black finish is non-glare and easy on the eyes. The smaller square fits comfortably in an apron pocket and is ideal for checking drawers, casework and frames during

assembly or glue-ups Photo B. But the real magic comes when the squares are used as a set. Using one of the knurled knobs to lock their posi-tion, they are ideal for transferring angles Photo C. With the ability to swing and lock into position, they make short work of scribing Photo D, especially when one of the holes is used to guide the pencil. And as layout tools they work well together to create a series of angles that includes 45°, 90°, 135° and 180° Photo E. As they are aluminum, they can be used on those occasions where a woodworker needs to work metal and uses a magnet to clean up filings.

BEST APPLICATIONS: Light, strong and extremely accurate, the Pinnacle Triangle Set is ideally suited to machine setups, drawings and layout work, and checking the accuracy of joints during assembly and glue-up.

TESTER’S TAKE: These are rugged tools designed for a lifetime of use. I accidentally dropped the larger square on a tiled floor and was surprised to find no damage whatsoever (not even a scratch, let alone dented corner).
The squares are extremely flat, which means that the faces can be used to check things like the plane of a circular saw blade. The readouts are large enough for older eyes, and they show up really well against the black back- ground.