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Sharpening Stones Comparison

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From: Woodcraft

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Water Stones Advantages
1. Quick aggressive cut
2. Wide range of grits
3. Fine grits offer superior finishing & polishing
Oilstones Advantages
1. No slurry required
2. Relatively inexpensive
3. Does not cause rust
4. Available in a variety of sizes & grits

1. Wear quickly
2. Must be flattened often
3. Can be damaged by tool edge
4. Requires a slurry to use
5. Water can cause rust

1. Oil can cross contaminate wood
2. Coarse stones wear quickly
3. Requires flattening

Ceramic Stones Advantages

1. Do not require flattening as often as other stones
2. Available in very fine grits
3. Very wear resistant

Diamond Stones Advantages
1. Cuts very fast
2. Very durable & wear resistant
3. Stays flat and used to flatten other stones
4. Can be used without lubricant
1. Very fragile
2. Will clog without lubricant

1. Must adjust sharpening methods (light strokes)
2. No polishing grits