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The CMT Advantage

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CMT has been making top quality bits for over 30 years and is the manufacturer of the original and only orange router bit. CMT started in a small workshop in the center of Pesaro, Italy and has become a global leader in the production of woodworking tools. "CMT professional tools for wood" began with Osvaldo Tommassini in 1964 in response to the demands of the thriving furniture manufacturing business in the area. Today, under the careful guidance of the second generation of the Tommassini family, CMT operates two factories in the Pesaro area and distributes throughout the world.
Besides orange, CMT is quality. CMT has a long-standing tradition of producing only the highest standard in tooling. Careful consideration is taken in all aspects of the business - from the selection of raw materials, to the research and design of each tool, to the technology and workmanship applied in production - right down to the details and aesthetics of packaging and the promotion of the brand CMT.

Fatigue Proof® Steel
CMT router and boring bits start from solid bar stock steel. A hot drawing process pulls all the fibers of the steel in one direction resulting in extra strong and resilient bars. This provides a highly uniform steel to machine the bits from - our router bit bodies and shanks can withstand even the most demanding mechanical and thermal stresses, acting as perfect shock absorbers during cutting.

Bar stock steel is turned on a CNC lathe into the recognizable firstshape of the router bit. Bits are centered and balanced, making the holes visible on the top and bottom of every bit. These holes are followed in every step of production to ensure concentric machining. Notice the very smooth finish on a turned CMT bit. Even though it will be refinished during later phases, we feel that starting with precision and paying attention to details means a better end product.


After turning, the bits are milled to make the flutes and seats for the carbide tips and putting a finer finish on the bit body and shank. Looking at the flutes of a bit in this stage, you can see the sheer angle of the bit. Milling is done on Swiss automatic and automated loading CNC machines for a perfect smooth and accurate finish, especially the seats where the carbide tips will be brazed.

Tungsten Carbide
CMT uses a carbide composition specially formulated by manufacturers in Luxembourg who produce micrograin carbide according to carbide tip design specifications. You are guaranteed to get a long-lasting performance and multiple re-sharpenings from your carbide-tipped tool.
The milled bits are fitted with custom designed micrograin carbide tips and brazed. Particular attention to accuracy is required during this extremely important step to ensure a good bond. In brazing, the carbide tip and the steel body are together and heated to 420 degrees C. An optic heat sensor triggers the silver induction wire which is then injected between the carbide and steel automatically. Since the metals have expanded due to the heat and cool at different rates, the bits are immediately put into normalizing ovens as each braze is completed to prevent cracking. By using normalizing ovens, the bits can be brought down to normal temperatures gradually.

P.T.F.E. Industrial Coating
After brazing, the bits are sanded and degreased and then the orange P.T.F.E. industrial coating is baked on.  P.T.F.E. is a stratified coating that forms durable layers when applied. In addition, this low friction, non-stick P.T.F.E. coating provides advantages that you don’t get from other coated tools. DuPont tested their industrial strength coating and the results were clear - P.T.F.E. helps tools perform better, last longer, and clean up quicker.

Grinding And Sharpening
This is the final phase of production and the finishing touches that serve to distinguish CMT bits from all the rest. Grinding takes place on the shank and the ball bearing seat, where rotation must be perfect for the bit to execute precise cuts and to guarantee that the shank fits tightly in the router collet. The sharpening of the carbide tips is done on 8 axes CNC machinery to leave a razor sharp 0.4 micrometer finish.

Lastly CMT bits are prepared for shipment. They are laser marked along the shank with CMT, the item number and "Made in Italy", which guarantees that you are buying an authentic CMT Utensili router bit. Included with each purchase of CMT router and boring bits and saw blades are multi-lingual safety instructions and suggestions.
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