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Woodcraft Pen & Pencil Kit Finishes

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From: Woodcraft

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Woodcraft Pen & Pencil Kits
Cocobolo, zebrawood, or purpleheart pens and pencils? No problem! With your wood and our premium quality mechanisms you can easily make customized pens and pencils on your lathe. In the past few years pen making has become an extremely popular, and profitable, hobby among woodworkers. Whether you make them to give away as gifts, or as products to sell in galleries and craft shows, your friends and customers will appreciate the long lasting durability of Woodcraft's Pen and Pencil mechanisms. Assembly is fast and easy, all of our kits include detailed instructions that cover setup, turning, assembly and finishing. Your success is practically guaranteed!

Based on customer demand, Woodcraft now offers three quality levels of plating on our pen and pencil kits. Most mechanism manufacturers skimp on the gold plating and after several months of use they begin to show wear spots.

Satin Finish Pens and Pencils. A special chemical treatment to the plating leaves a beautiful matte finish, giving your pens and pencils a unique new look. This long wearing finish is available in gold, nickel, and a new pearl coating.

Standard Gold Kits. Our Standard Gold finish pen and pencil mechanisms feature an extra heavy, durable, individually dipped and dried, 24k gold plating for a long lasting finish and a clean look.

Cobalt Gold Kits. If you've bought kits elsewhere you'll know from experience that our Cobalt Gold finish is equal or superior to what others sell as their premium quality! Adding Cobalt Palladium to the plating process dramatically increases the durability of the gold plating.

Woodcraft Gold Kits. With our manufacturer we've developed a superior, premium gold plating for our small turning projects. Woodcraft Gold premium turning kits feature a revolutionary, high-tech titanium gold plating process. We feel this plating is the best on the market today. Titanium, which has a Rockwell hardness of approximately 85, provides an extremely hard, durable base for our heavy 24k gold plating. The combination of these two components allow us to provide you with a kit that is literally second to none. Many others have made “gimmicky” claims about lifetime plating. We prefer to let our product do the talking. Whether you're making pens for resale, or for yourself, these pen kits are the best you'll find, anywhere!

Black Titanium Kits. A select few of our popular kits are now available with a black titanium coating, creating a stunning new look! Black titanium seems to change colors when moved under light – from black to smokey gray to silver; it must be seen to be believed. This finish is extraordinarily hard and durable.