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Holiday Patterns for Chip Carvers

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From: Wood Carving

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Chanukah Menora

I designed the Chanukah menorah for my Jewish friends. The menorah is a good choice because of its clean lines. One of the two patterns has the shalom in Hebrew letters, the other uses the anglicized spelling.


Eight–Pointed Star

The eight-pointed star has an unusual geometric pattern in its center. Although the chips are small, a sharp knife and fine lines make this one easier to carve than it appears.
The Dreidel Holiday4.jpg

The dreidel, used during the Chanukah Festival, is a four-sided toy that spins like a top. Each side has a Hebrew letter. The pattern for my flat dreidel uses geometric designs and the four letters. [b1]Celtic Cross


My interpretation of the celtic cross is that the spirit of Christ radiates from the ends. The blue color is popular with my customers. To prepare the wood for coloring, I first sand it with 400-grit paper. I then seal it with a spray lacquer. The last step is spraying the sealed surface with Krylon® paint. I do wait at least four days for the paint to cure before I apply the pattern with a rubber cement and cut through the cemented paper. After carving and shaping, the pattern is removed and the cement easily rubs off.

Eight–Pointed Star Holiday9.jpg

This eight-pointed star has a spiraling pattern–a classical design–in its center.
The Snowflake[b1]Holiday11.jpg

The snowflake is a pleasing design for the holiday season and a simple one for a chip carver.

Star of Bethlehem

[b1]Four small stars surround the Star of Bethlehem.

The Cross

[b1]The cross stands out in low relief in the star.

The Christmas Tree [b1]Holiday10.jpg

The Christmas tree and the red color make this a holiday winner. Note that the branches of the tree are cut using two-sided chips.
Roger Nancoz is a full-time chip carver and instructor. He lives in North Babylon, New York. Roger Schroeder is Managing Editor at Wood Carving Illustrated. Photography by Roger Schroeder

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