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Bandsawing Intricate Shapes In Thin Stock

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From: Woodcraft

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It is difficult to bandsaw intricate shapes in stock that is less than 3/8" thick. Backing up your stock with a piece of plywood adds a great deal of control to the process.

You will need some scrap 1/4" plywood and double-sided tape. Lay out your pattern on the piece of stock that will be one of your finished pieces. Find a piece of plywood that is slightly larger than your pattern. Clean the plywood with alcohol to ensure a good bond with the tape.

Apply enough double-face tape to the plywood to ensure a movement free bond. After cleaning the back of your pattern piece, remove the protective strip from the tape on the plywood and set the pattern on the tape. Press the pattern firmly to bond the pieces. If you need another piece cut the same as your pattern, you can use this same procedure to apply a piece of stock to the back of your plywood.