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Woodworking Education

Woodworking Classes

Woodcraft stores across the country offer a wide variety of woodworking classes to help you build your skills. In many cases, you'll complete an entire project that you can take home with you! Use the tools below to search for classes in stores near you.

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This Month's Free Demo! find a store

In-Store Demo

Each month you can catch a free live woodworking demo at most Woodcraft locations across the U.S.

We have two demo's this month:

See SawStop In Action - Saturday, February 14th 1pm
If you haven't yet seen it would like to see it again, let us show you the unique safety features of the SawStop Table Saw!

Upcycling Barrel Stave Candleholder - Saturday, February 21st, 1pm
By definition 'Upcycling' simply means to give old objects new purpose. Picture this beautiful votive candleholder on your mantle, coffee table or as part of your table centerpiece. then get creative and design your very own custom candleholder that reflects your personality. We used whiskey barrel staves and horseshoes for teh bookends and feet to create a conversation piece! However, you can use whatever materials you like for the bookends and feet. The staves come in three sizes that offer limitless design possibilites.