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Woodworking Education

Woodworking Classes

Woodcraft stores across the country offer a wide variety of woodworking classes to help you build your skills. In many cases, you'll complete an entire project that you can take home with you! Use the tools below to search for classes in stores near you.

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This Month's Free Demo! find a store

In-Store Demo

Each month you can catch a free live woodworking demo at most Woodcraft locations across the U.S.

We have two demo's this month:
Dust Collection - Saturday, May 9th 1pm
Having dust collection at every machine is convenient and saves time. With the right system, cleanup at the end of the day may amount to five minutes instead of half an hour or more. Let Woodcraft show you how!

From Gluing to Finishing - Saturday, May 16th, 1pm
We have the perfect project for that reclaimed wood you just found - a Garden Toolbox Planter. We used cut nails and a long-lasting water-resistant glue to build it. Let the experts at Woodcraft show you the techniques and products you need to build your own planter, including outdoor finish options.