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General Tools Pin Style Precision Multi-Species Wood Moisture Meter MMD8P

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Product Information:

The General Tools Pin Style Precision Multi-Species Wood Moisture Meter (MMD8P) is designed for use in woodworking and lumber selection or purchasing. It’s ideal for measuring the moisture content of 48 specific types of wood or lumber, with temperature compensation. The MMD8P is the first moisture meter on the market with an OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) display, which provides extraordinary contrast and extra clarity in outdoor lighting conditions. The meter displays a code number and the corresponding species name of the wood being measured. This is far more convenient than models that display a code number that users have look up in a manual to identify the species name.

With the MMD8P users can compensate moisture measurements for the effect of ambient temperature (such as when taking lumber from outdoors to indoors or from kiln to outdoors), which greatly improves the accuracy of readings. The MMD8P also can measure and display ambient temperature and relative humidity (RH) alongside the moisture level measurement. What’s more, it can store and recall up to 99 moisture measurement records, including the moisture level measurement, number and name of the wood species tested, ambient temperature and relative humidity at the time of measurement and any temperature compensation applied. Some comparable models offer data storage but do not allow as many parameters to be stored. Meter comes with 9V battery, custom hard carrying case and user’s manual.

  • 48 species

  • 99 records can be stored in memory

  • 9V battery

  • California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.