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Norton 3" x 18" Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt, 120 Grit, 2 pack

Item #158683
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Product Information:

Norton sanding belts for stationary/portable belt sanders are suitable for general-purpose grinding of wood, metal, fiberglass, and plastic. The bidirectional belt splice allows the belt to run in both directions to simplify mounting and maximize sanding life. The aluminum oxide grit is one of the most common choices for general-purpose grinding and is more durable than silicon carbide grit. The belt has an open coat, which resists clogging and promotes flexibility. Open coat abrasives produce a rougher finish when abrading difficult-to-sand materials because the abrasive grains are spaced farther apart than they are on a closed coat product. Cloth backing withstands repeated flexing for maximum contouring to odd shapes and corners and is more durable and tear-resistant than paper backing. The backing of this belt is made from X-weight cloth backing, which is a flexible and lightweight material that is strong enough to carry coarse grits.

  • Aluminum oxide grit

  • X-weight cloth backing

  • Bidirectional splice allows the belt to run in either direction

  • Optimal for wood, plastics, metal, fiberglass

  • Open coat resists clogging

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    1" WidthLengthGritAbrasiveQuantityNorton #076607SKUPrice
    1"30"50, 80, 120Alum-Oxide 302036151251$10.99

    WidthLengthGritAbrasiveQuantityDelta Belt SanderSKUPrice
    1"42"100Alum-Oxide1Model SA180146338$2.99
    1"42"220Alum-Oxide1Model SA180153222$2.99

    3" WidthLengthGritAbrasiveQuantityNorton #076607SKUPrice
    3"21"80Alum-Oxide 502064146374$11.50
    3"21"120Alum-Oxide 502062146373$11.50
    3"21"220Alum-Oxide 505287146372$11.50
    3"24"36Alum-Oxide 501743146371$14.99
    3"24"80Alum-Oxide 502067146370$11.50
    3"24"100Alum-Oxide 502066146369$11.50
    3"24"120Alum-Oxide 502065146368$11.50

    4" WidthLengthGritAbrasiveQuantityNorton #076607SKUPrice
    4"24"80Alum-Oxide 502069146364$16.99
    4"24"120Alum-Oxide 502068146365$16.99
    4"24"180Alum-Oxide 505285146366$16.99
    4"36"80Alum-Oxide 148675146378$7.19
    4"36"120Alum-Oxide 148660146379$7.19
    4"36"220Alum-Oxide 148665146380$7.19

    6" WidthLengthGritAbrasiveQuantityNorton #076607SKUPrice
    6"48"50Alum-Oxide 101720146347$11.99
    6"48"80Alum-Oxide 101721146348$11.99
    6"48"100Alum-Oxide 105279146349$11.99
    6"48"120Alum-Oxide 101722146350$11.99
    6"48"180Alum-Oxide 105281146351$11.99
    6"48"220Alum-Oxide 105282146352$11.99

    2-1/2" WidthLengthGritAbrasiveQuantityNorton #076607SKUPrice

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