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KREG HD Pocket Hole Screw, #14 x 2-1/2 inch, Coarse, Washer-Head, 30 count, Kreg# SML-C2X250-30

Item #154348
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Product Information:

Large 2-1/2" long #14 hardened-steel screws are designed for 1-1/2" and thicker material. These screws provide incredible shear resistance as well as a Protec-Kote™ finish with three anti-corrosion layers for incredible long-term moisture resistance. Requires #3 square driver bit to engage larger drive hole in screw head. Optimized for use with the Kreg Jig® HD.

  • Large 2-1/2" long #14 hardened-steel screws for 1-1/2" and thicker material

  • Massive flat surface under head provides superior holding power

  • Self-tapping thread design does not require second workpiece

  • Protec-Kote™ finish with three anti-corrosion layers for incredible long-term moisture resistance

  • 30-count package sold in reusable clamshell container

  • NOTE: Be sure to check with your local building code authority before using the Kreg Jig HD to construct load bearing objects such as interior walls or deck railings. Building codes differ from area to area. Please reference applications in the user’s manual.
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    Size #6QuantityHeadThreadApplicationSKUPrice
    6 x 3/4100Pan HeadFineMicro Pocket149967$4.19
    6 x 3/4500Pan HeadFineMicro Pocket149968$16.79
    6 x 3/41000Pan HeadFineMicro Pocket149969$26.99
    6 x 1100Pan HeadFineHardwoods142690$4.49
    6 x 1150Pan HeadFineHardwoods158785B$4.49
    6 x 1500Pan HeadFineHardwoods840834$18.99
    6 x 11000Pan HeadFineHardwoods835040$26.99
    6 x 1-1/4100Pan HeadFineHardwoods833070$4.69
    6 x 1-1/4500Pan HeadFineHardwoods153304$18.89
    6 x 1-1/41000Pan HeadFineHardwoods153305$27.99
    6 x 1/2100Pan HeadFineHardwoods149570$5.19
    6 x 1-1/2500Pan HeadFineHardwoods834826$20.99
    6 x 1-1/21000Pan HeadFineHardwoods846663$31.49

    Size #7QuantityHeadThreadApplicationSKUPrice
    7 x 3/4150Pan HeadFineMicro Pocket158785A$4.19
    7 x 1100Pan HeadCoarseSoftwoods142689$4.49
    7 x 1150Pan HeadCoarseSoftwoods158785C$4.49
    7 x 1500Pan HeadCoarseSoftwoods833535$17.99
    7 x 11000Pan HeadCoarseSoftwoods819598$26.99
    7 x 1-1/4100Washer HeadFineHardwoods142250$4.69
    7 x 1-1/4150Washer HeadFineHardwoods158785D$4.69
    7 x 1-1/4500Washer HeadFineHardwoods142251$18.89
    7 x 1-1/41000Washer HeadFineHardwoods144742$27.99
    7 x 1-1/45000Washer HeadFineHardwoods824803$84.99
    7 x 1-1/41000Washer HeadHi-LoMan-Mades840289$27.99
    7 x 1-1/2150Washer HeadFineHardwoods158785F$5.50
    7 x 1-1/2100Washer HeadFineHardwoods142252$5.19
    7 x 1-1/2500Washer HeadFineHardwoods142253$20.99
    7 x 1-1/21000Washer HeadFineHardwoods842257$31.49

    Size #8QuantityHeadThreadApplicationSKUPrice
    8 x 1-1/4100Washer HeadHi-LoMan-Mades840287$4.69
    8 x 1-1/4500Washer HeadHi-LoMan-Mades840288$18.89
    VariousCombination of #6, #7 & #8AssortedAssortedAssorted149084$29.99
    8 x 1100Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods142257$4.49
    8 x 1500Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods148751$17.99
    8 x 11000Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods153306$26.99
    8 x 1-1/4100Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods142246$4.69
    8 x 1-1/4150Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods158785E$4.69
    8 x 1-1/4500Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods142247$18.89
    8 x 1-1/41000Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods144741$27.99
    8 x 1-1/45000Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods824804$84.99
    8 x 1-1/2100Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods142248$5.19
    8 x 1-1/2150Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods158785G$5.50
    8 x 1-1/2500Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods142249$20.99
    8 x 1-1/21000Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods842256$31.49
    8 x 250Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods834689$3.69
    8 x 2250Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods834690$14.69
    8 x 2-1/250Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods146593$5.19
    8 x 2-1/2250Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods145752$18.89

    Size #14QuantityHeadThreadApplicationSKUPrice
    2-1/230Washer HeadCoarseHardwoods154348$5.49
    2-1/2125Washer HeadCoarseHardwoods154349$19.99

    California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.