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New Wave 2" Bowl Sanding Kit

Item #142960
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Product Information:

The new wavy edge design of these discs overhangs the holder and arches around the edge to help prevent “dig ins” caused by the edge of the disk contacting the surface of the wood. New Wave bowl sanding kit contains one hook and loop sanding pad (1/4" shank), one hard and one soft interface pad, and 5 each 80, 120, 150, 180, and 220 grit sanding pads. Made of Hi-Per Gold sandpaper which uses special lubricants on the surface of the discs to reduce loading and resin clogging, and incorporates an extremely flexible backing which smoothly conforms to curves. New Wave hook and loop backed disks may be used on standard foam sanding pads, but for best results the interface backing pads listed below should be used between the foam pad and the disks.

  • Five each 80, 120, 150, 180, and 220 grit sanding pads
  • One hook and loop sanding pad (1/4" shank)
  • One hard and one soft interface pad
  • Made of Hi-Per Gold sandpaper
  • Extremely flexible backing
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    2" DiameterGritQty per PackageSKUPrice
    2" Hi-Per Gold6010158170$7.25
    2" Hi-Per Gold8010158171$5.99
    2" Hi-Per Gold10010158172$5.99
    2" Hi-Per Gold12010158173$5.99
    2" Hi-Per Gold15010158174$5.99
    2" Hi-Per Gold18010158175$5.99
    2" Hi-Per Gold22010158176$5.99
    2" Hi-Per Gold32010158177$5.99
    2" Hi-Per Gold40010158178$5.99
    2" Hi-Per Gold60010158179$5.99
    2" Hi-Per Gold80010158180$5.99
    2" Abranet8010158158$13.50
    2" Abranet12010158159$13.50
    2" Abranet18010158160$13.50
    2" Abranet22010158161$13.50
    2" Abranet32010158162$13.50
    2" Abranet40010158163$13.50

    3" DiameterGritQty per PackageSKUPrice
    3" Hi-Per Gold6010158181$8.29
    3" Hi-Per Gold8010158182$7.25
    3" Hi-Per Gold10010158183$7.25
    3" Hi-Per Gold12010158184$7.25
    3" Hi-Per Gold15010158185$7.25
    3" Hi-Per Gold18010158186$7.25
    3" Hi-Per Gold22010158187$7.25
    3" Hi-Per Gold32010158188$7.25
    3" Hi-Per Gold40010158189$7.25
    3" Hi-Per Gold60010158190$7.25
    3" Hi-Per Gold80010158191$7.25
    3" Abranet8010158164$15.50
    3" Abranet12010158165$15.50
    3" Abranet18010158166$15.50
    3" Abranet22010158167$15.50
    3" Abranet32010158168$15.50
    3" Abranet40010158169$15.50

    Interface Backing PadsSizeSKUPrice
    Very Soft2"149225$5.50
    Very Soft3"149224$8.99

    1/4" Shanked PadsShankAbrasive AttachmentSKUPrice
    2" Diameter1/4"Hook & Loop152801$15.99
    3" Diameter1/4"Hook & Loop152802$17.99

    Bowl Sanding KitSKUPrice

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