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Padauk Pen Blank 5-Piece

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Product Information:

African padauk (pterocarpus soyauxii) central and tropical west Africa. Medium to hard wood, color can vary, ranging from a pale pinkish orange to a deep brownish red. Most pieces tend to start reddish orange when freshly cut, darkening substantially over time to a reddish/purplish brown. Padauk is easy to work, though it does have a moderate blunting effect on cutters. Tearout may also occur during planing on quartersawn or interlocked grain. Padauk turns, glues, and finishes well. It’s a popular hardwood among hobbyist woodworkers because of its unique color. Some common uses for Padauk include: veneer, flooring, turned objects, musical instruments, furniture, tool handles, and other small specialty wood objects.

  • Unique reddish orange color

  • Turns well

  • Finishes well

  • Padauk, 3/4"x 3/4" x 5" (5pc.)

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    DimensionsSuggested UsageSKUPrice
    3/4" x 3/4" x 5" 1pcPen Turning06R83A$2.25
    3/4" x 3/4" x 5" 5pcPen Turning152947$9.25
    1.5" x 1.5" x 3"Bottle Stopper845476$2.09
    1/8" x 3" x 24"Thin Stock Lumber50X71$11.99
    1/4" x 3" x 24"Thin Stock Lumber50X72$14.25
    3/8" x 3" x 24"Thin Stock Lumber, Knife Scales, Finger Boards50X73$18.99
    2" x 2" x 24"Spindles, Pool Cue, Leg Stock06A94$14.75
    3/4" x 3" x 24"Dimension Lumber06A55$19.99
    3/4" x 6" x 36"Dimension Lumber131550$39.99
    3/4" x 4" x 48"Dimension Lumber131612$36.50
    2" x 6" x 6"Bowl Turning07A21$13.19
    2" x 8" x 8"Bowl Turning07A33$22.25
    2" x 2" x 12"Spindles827343$8.99
    3" x 5" x 5"Bowl Turning841808$16.50
    3" x 6" x 6"Bowl Turning130978$19.99
    3" x 8" x 8"Bowl Turning827344$36.99
    3" x 10" x 10"Bowl Turning130649$59.99
    3" x 3" x 12"Pepper Mill828465$31.50

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