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Apollo HVLP 1035 Power Series 4 Stage Turbine with 7500QT AtomiZer Quick Release Cup Gun

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Product Information:

The Apollo 1035 Power System is the new 4 stage HVLP spray system designed for production shops. Like the smaller 835, the 1035 also benefits from a dramatic 12% increase in power measured at 9.0PSI/130 CFM. This kind of performance was previously reserved for 5 stage units. The 1035 is the superior way to spray solvent-based materials including: enamels, stains, lacquers, polyurethanes, catalyzed finishes, conversion varnishes, and linear polyurethanes, as well as any waterborne coatings, latex (emulsion) paint (thinned with Floetrol® or similar flow additive) and other specialized materials like faux paints and gel coat. If you’re serious about your work demanding the best possible finish and/or operate in a production atmosphere, this is the machine you want. The 1035 features: a 4 stage turbine unit, housed in steel case with an 1100 cubic inch internal capacity vented on two sides to keep the motor cool; internal relief valve for use with non-bleeder style spray guns; a quick change Quadra-Clean™ filter system providing cleaner, unrestricted air for a smoother finish and a Handi-Hold™ spray gun docking station with which you can hold, store and transport your gun safely. Each unit includes a 24’ quick connect Slim Flex™ hose designed for enhanced airflow with less turbulence and lighter weight. The last 4’ of hose is an ultra flexible whip which reduces user fatigue. Each unit includes the award winning, non bleeder 7500QT spray gun which may be the best balanced spray gun we’ve ever seen. The 7500QT gun is configured with a 1quart cup gun but can also be converted to production or gravity cup. A simple conversion will also allow this unit to be used with standard high pressure source as an HVLP conversion gun. Extras include a cleaning kit, a viscosity meter and three needle/nozzle combos (1.0mm, 1.3mm and 1.5mm). Each unit comes with a full 2 year warranty from Apollo.
  • Apollo – The Leading Manufacturer In HVLP Technology
  • 835 Power Series Technological Leap Offering a 15% Increase In Performance
  • Atomizes Coatings Better Than Ever Resulting In The Best Possible Finish
  • HVLP Systems Are 80% Efficient Saving Material, Money And Less Polluting
  • Great for Small Shops and Home Use
  • Apollo TrueHVLP 1035 Power Series Specifications
    4-Stage Turbine
    9.0 PSI (0.62 bar)
    130 CFM (3.68 cmm)
    Dual Air Filtration
    Single Spray Gun (Unit will support 2 Spray Gun)
    110 VAC – 60HZ
    Weight: 30lbs
    Height: 12”
    Width: 8.5”
    Length: 15”
    Intertek ETL certified for North America.
    California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.