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Woodpeckers One-Time Tool Gap Gauge Standard

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Product Information:

OneTIME Tool®– Gap Gauge Standard

Precisely Determine Joint Sizes Without Fussy Measuring

Gap Gauges, Can’t Miss Sizing Tools for Common Woodworking Joints. How many tedious test cuts and guesswork setups does it take to make simple joints? With Woodpeckers latest Gap Gauge OneTIME Tool, the answer is– one! And you can leave your ruler in your pocket. Seriously!

Clever Little Tools, Strikingly Simple to Use. As you know, common joints like dados, grooves and mortise & tenons always start with a “given” dimension of one of the mating joints. Think about a dado. The “given” is the thickness of the lumber or plywood. With the mortise and tenon, it’s usually the mortise width.

e genius of our Gap Gauge tools is that by quickly gauging either the thickness of material or inside dimension of a joint, the opposite end of the Gap Gauge is perfectly set to the required size for the other half of the joint.

Pare a Tenon to Perfection. Use the fingers end of the Mini Gap Gauge to gauge the width of your mortise. Presto, the opposite end is set to the exact thickness to pare your tenon for the perfect fit. Of course, you can also use the fingered end of either Gap Gauge tool to establish the width of a dado or groove should you want to plane stock to a precise thickness.

Dreaded Dado Stack Setup Made Easy. With Gap Gauge, getting a perfect dado stack setup is usually a one test cut affair– and here’s why. Set Gap Gauge to the thickness of your material. Then use that thickness setting to accurately set the dado stack. Done! Multiple trial and error cuts and the hassle of adding or eliminating shims are virtually eliminated. And who cares if that plywood is 23/32” +/- 1/64”. Gap Gauge gets it right regardless!

Why You Need Both. The full-sized Gap Gauge is best used for longer joints like dados and grooves. Its near 3” width provides a longer reference surface and thereby greater accuracy. The Mini Gap Gauge shines when used for mortise & tenons. It’s ¾” width allows accurate settings even in small mortises. Both Gap Gauges can be set in a range between ⅛” and 1⅛”.

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Order Now, Don’t Delay. Gap Gauges are part of Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool program and are produced during a one-time production run. Deadline to place your Gap Gauge order is Monday, April 13, 2015. Once the deadline passes and orders are filled, Gap Gauge and Mini Gap Gauge will be retired from our product line. Delivery is scheduled for July, 2015.

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