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Texas Woodcraft stores unveils “cutting” edge technology that reduces saw-related injuriesBack to Press Releases
Professionals, woodworking enthusiasts and do-it-yourself renovators can put new tool to the test

(August 2, 2006) San Antonio, TX — With about 60,000 table saw related injuries reported annually to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, one revolutionary new technology has the ability to detect the difference between wood and the operator. SawStop is drastically reducing injuries associated with operating a table saw by combining advanced science with high-quality parts. Within three to five milliseconds of contact with the blade, the braking system grabs the blade bringing it to a complete stop and pulling it into the table.

Texas Woodcraft stores, one of the only retail outlets in Texas where consumers can purchase SawStop, will host live demonstrations of the product onsite in August at locations in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Onlookers will be amazed at SawStop, as the blade slams to a complete stop at the first contact with flesh.

“Texas Woodcraft stores are proud to be pioneers in bringing this progressive and innovative new table saw to the consumer market,” said Mike Sauder, owner and managing partner of the Texas Woodcraft stores, “As a woodworking store owner and a wood craftsman of more than 20 years, this product has a multitude of incentives such as maximizing employee safety, cutting precision capabilities and long lasting parts. Also, from a business owner perspective SawStop reduces major table saw accidents, keeping your insurance rates down.”

More than 30,000 people annually will receive emergency room treatment for injuries sustained while operating a table saw, 4,200 of which will result in amputations. These hefty statistics translate into $2 billion in injury-related costs and one table saw accident every nine minutes (US Consumer Product Safety Commission).

The use of table saws is increasing through a broad range of consumers including professional woodshops, school programs, woodworking enthusiasts, do-it-yourself renovators and industry employees. Owners and operators of this heavy equipment assume a great risk and liability associated with the use of table saws. SawStop, recognized as one of the safest choices in table saws, is quickly becoming the industry standard for security in saving hands, fingers and the continued ability to work with wood.

SawStop, LLC is a company formed to develop and market improved active safety technology for woodworking equipment. SawStop's goal is to see its safety technology inLLCorated into every type of woodworking equipment sold so that the number of debilitating injuries to woodworkers can be dramatically reduced. For more information about SawStop visit

Woodcraft is the industry leader in providing a wide variety of top quality products, educational opportunities and one-on-one guidance to woodworkers at all skill levels. Texas Woodcraft stores are part of Woodcraft Supply LLCoration’s chain of 80 retail locations nationwide, which annually distributes more than three million catalogs featuring more than 8,000 items. Texas Woodcraft stores are located in Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston and San Antonio. To find out more information about Woodcraft stores visit