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PARKERSBURG, W. VA. (February 2012) — Woodturning meets the Digital Age in two new Woodcraft products that make “touching” screens on smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other touch screen devices easy and enjoyable, while protecting the screen’s surface.

The Wall Street II Ballpoint Pen Kits and the Stubby Soft Touch Stylus Kits all feature a capacitive soft touch silicon stylus tip that allows the user to easily navigate touch screens to send text messages, check email, surf the Web and do a host of other tasks. Another plus: the non-marring stylus tip leaves the screen clean from smudges, fingerprints, scratches, or other damage. Both the pen and stylus work with the iPad®, iPhone®, Android® and similar touch screen devices.

“They are fun to use and make great gifts for any holiday or special occasion,” said Ben Bice, Woodcraft product manager. “Designed with a stylus tip in the end cap finial, the popular Wall Street II serves double duty as a fine writing instrument and a touch screen tool. It’s convenience at your fingertips – navigate your devices with one end and write with the other.” Bice said the Stubby Stylus Kits offer the same great navigation benefits as the Wall Street II pen and are designed for storage in a touch screen device’s headphone jack adaptor.

Whether you plan to turn a gift or keep the pen or stylus for yourself, Bice said you will find lots of materials and colors from which to choose. Both kits come in either gold or chrome. For the body, you can choose from wood, acrylic, mokume metal, laser cut inlay and deer antler blanks for turning. For more information about the pen and stylus kits and to watch Bice demonstrate them, click on New Stylus Kits for Electronic Devices at Woodcraft, a Woodworking Adventures blog feature. For help in making pen choices and to see how your pen will look, visit the Woodcraft Pen Designer at

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