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Woodcraft Adds Carter’s Unique Hollowing Tool Back to Press Releases
PARKERSBURG, W. VA. (June 2011) — Turning a piece of wood into a hollow form or vessel can be difficult, but Woodcraft has added a new tool to its lineup that masters the challenge—Carter’s innovative new Hollow Roller.

Carter designed the Hollow Roller, a captive bar system, for both beginner and accomplished woodturners who craft hollow forms and vessels. One side of the cutter shaft is flat to hold the turning tool completely captive within the integrated roller system, allowing the turner to focus on turning rather than worrying about the tool catching and/or twisting while in use. Roller bars reduce the drag on the tool for better control, and feel, while making a hollowing cut. Other features include a 17-1/2" handle, 21-1/4" blade with a high-speed steel cutter and a steady rest.

“The big feature here is safety,” Ben Bice, Woodcraft product manager, explained. “I would have no hesitation about teaching and training my 12-year-old to turn vessels on the lathe with this system.”

A second advantage, Bice said, is that the Hollow Roller will fit virtually any size lathe with the addition of the proper size adaptor stud. To learn more about the Hollow Roller, contact the Woodcraft store nearest you, visit us at, or call (800) 535-4482. You may also visit