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Revolutionizing Plane Technology: PINNACLE®/IBC™ Blade & Chipbreaker Matched Sets Offer Remarkable Precision And Incredible ValueBack to Press Releases
PARKERSBURG, W. Va. – The PINNACLE®/IBC™ Blade & Chipbreaker Matched Sets, available exclusively at Woodcraft, allow woodworkers to experience premium performance while using an older or less expensive plane.

“The beauty of these PINNACLE blades is that they are designed so woodworkers can retrofit their existing planes and transform them into tools that provide the same level of performance as the high-end planes costing significantly more,” according to Rob Cosman, noted hand tool expert and hand tool coach. After converting several “old” planes, Cosman said, “As someone who has sold Lie-Nielsen hand planes for a living, I can state from personal experience that a revived Stanley Bailey, outfitted with the Pinnacle Blade & Chipbreaker Matched Set, will perform like a Lie-Nielsen hand plane.”

One of the great secrets behind this product is the manufacturer of the blade and chipbreaker, Industrial Blade Company (IBC). The most important part of any hand plane is the blade. So, why did Woodcraft choose a relatively unknown Canadian blade manufacturer? Because IBC is no newcomer to hand plane blade manufacturing and in fact manufactured the blades found in industry award-winning Veritas hand planes. In manufacturing the new PINNACLE set, IBC takes the blade, combines it with the patent-pending chipbreaker invented by Cosman, and then precision match-grinds and polishes them so they fit together perfectly. Exacting manufacturing tolerances ensure the blade is flat out of the package and with a quick honing can produce .0005" shavings.

“I’ll place these blades against any premium blades, even those IBC blades made for Veritas. Pinnacle replacement blades are more than 60 percent thicker than the original equipment. The heavier and stiffer blade reduces vibration, or chatter, leading to improved performance. In the case of plane blades, bigger is better and this massive, thick blade absolutely performs,” Cosman said.

The Blade & Chipbreaker Matched Sets are available in three sizes and retail at Woodcraft from $99.99 to $104.99. For a limited time, each Blade & Chipbreaker Matched Set will include a 1:30-minute Rob Cosman DVD that teaches you how to revive an antique bench plane. Produced originally as a stand-alone product, Cosman and Woodcraft have teamed up to make this $32.50 DVD available to customers, free of charge, when purchasing a PINNACLE Blade & Chipbreaker Matched Set. “I know that not all woodworkers can afford a premium hand plane. With the free DVD offer, we are hoping this affordable alternative will enable woodworkers to revive and use their antique or heirloom bench plane,” Cosman explained.

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