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Do you know someone who loves to tackle do-it-yourself projects or enjoys passing the time working with wood? Chances are you do. Gifts that will enable those friends and loved ones you know to delve deeper into the projects they love should be at the top of your list for the holidays. Spurred on by the abundance of how to shows, books and magazine articles, do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) are embarking on projects in record numbers. Statistics show that the age group that relies most on DIY activities are people between the ages of 30 and mid 40s, who make up 41 percent of home improvement spending. That demographic is also one of the most challenging for finding ideal holiday gifts. Many of these DIYers are men, but a rising number of women are throwing their hats in the DIY arena. DIY work can also be fiscally responsible. In an economy where many people are pinching pennies and looking to cut costs further, having the ability to tackle home renovations, or to build woodworking projects, can save money on labor costs if the individual were to hire out the work. A DIYer can benefit from the proper tools and equipment to make the job safer and go more smoothly. Here are some items, courtesy of Woodcraft, that will certainly fit the bill and any holiday shopping budget.

Under $25 to $50
Make a small budget count by focusing on quality gifts. Avid DIYers need to ensure blades are sharp to prevent injury and make work go more smoothly. AccuSharp Sharpeners come in a few varieties to sharpen knives, tools and shears. Clamps are the woodworkers’ best friend, holding projects in place, allowing glue to set, etc. But storing clamps has rarely been neat and easy, up until now. Pinnacle Clamp Racks get the clamps up off the workshop floor and on a convenient rack hung on the wall. Let’s face it, table saws, band saws and scroll saws aren’t cheap. Spilled coffee or a mishap from a pet can ruin the metal surface of these expensive tools and leave DIYers in a bind. Protecting the saw investment makes sense and is easy to do so with TOOLClad™ Magnetic Tool Covers. They eliminate rust from the cast iron tables of saws by magnetically adhering to the table top to seal out moisture.

$50 to $100
If you have a little more in the holiday budget, consider these top-notch gifts. The old adage, “measure twice, cut once” should be part of a DIYer’s mantra. However, that cut is only as good as the line followed. Drawing straight, accurate lines can be challenging when a person is relying on a tape measure and a questionable straight edge. Pinnacle T-Squares eliminate that questionable straight edge and provide accuracy for a number of jobs. Hanging doors can be challenging work, which is why many do-it-yourselfers call in the professionals. However, the Milescraft Professional Interior Door Kit helps make the task easier.

$100 and Up
It’s all right to splurge on a gift that will get mileage in the workshop. Here are some gifts for that special someone. Working with wood or other materials can be messy and every DIYer needs a quality shop vac. Make the clean-up go smoothly with an ALTON 16-Gallon Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum. Accessories include: 6’ flexible hose, crevice tool, wide-angle tool, bristled floor brush with wheels, two extension wands. It’s often the case that the tools need to go to the work site and not the work to the garage shop. Portable tools have become a necessity for many do-it-yourselfers. The Port-A-Mate Miter Saw WorkCenter improves multi-functionality and offers a safe and secure setup for miter saws and other tools. The heavy-duty built aluminum stand is 33” tall and 67” wide yet expands to support material up to 16-feet. Legs fold in for easy storage and transport. Folded dimensions: 11-3/4” x 10” x 66-3/4”. Universal machinery mounts snap securely to the aluminum top, making tool changes fast and easy. Most people know that a simple paint job can transform the look of a room inexpensively. However, the set up and execution of painting can be undesirable. Not when your DIYer fires up the Earlex HVLP Spray Station Pro. He or she can quickly achieve professional painting finishes with no brush marks. This professional unit is fitted with a powerful two-stage turbine that supplies the gun with constant airflow, allowing the material to be distributed evenly despite varying viscosities. It is also a good tool for reaching difficult spots, such as raised ceilings or areas over staircases. These are just a few of the many gifts that would delight DIYers and woodworking enthusiasts. To learn more, visit GG08B55