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Gift Ideas for the Family Handy ManBack to Press Releases
Each holiday season, it seems as though it gets harder and harder to find that perfect gift for a loved one. Fortunately, finding that gift doesn’t need to be so hard, as the recent boom in do-it-yourself home improvements has created a wealth of new ideas.

Rather than giving one more pair of socks or another sweater this holiday season, consider the following gift ideas for the do-it-yourselfer in your family courtesy of Woodcraft.

• The gift that keeps on giving.
One of the most popular gifts every holiday season is a magazine subscription to a favorite magazine. To gift givers, magazine subscriptions are popular because they’re pretty inexpensive. To the gift receiver, magazines are the gift that keeps on giving. Whether the magazines comes one every two months, once a month, bi-monthly, or once a week, your family or friend will love the wealth of new information it provides throughout the year. A yearly subscription to Woodcraft Magazine provides six issues per year, and offers a host of season appropriate articles and tips on do-it yourself projects.

• Provide a truly helping hand.
If your loved is mechanically inclined but you’re not, chances are offering a helping hand on the next home improvement project might not be as helpful as you think. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the next project easier. If your helping hand tends to do more harm than good, consider giving the BENCH DOG Push-Loc. Designed to work with a table saw’s guards in place, the Push-Loc features a thin cross section and offset handle that keeps hands out of harms way, while improving the line of sight to the blade and providing more clearance for hands to pass the blade guard. The Push-Loc also includes a handy docking station, perfect for holding a tape measure and pencils.

• Make the math a little easier.
Nearly every do-it-yourselfer runs into problems stemming from incorrect calculations when cutting angles. A Starrett® Pro Site Protractor takes those errors out of the equation. With two scales, a red scale and arrow that show the angle for a miter joint, and a black scale and arrows that provide the angle to fit a single work piece to an angle, making miter cut calculations has never been easier. You can even choose from two models, the full-sized 12-inch or compact 7-inch, both of which boast machined aluminum legs with an adjustable friction pivot.

• For the multi-tasker.
For the jack of all trades do-it-yourself, finding the right gift can be a major hassle. The new Fein MultiMaster could be just the thing. Because no two DIY projects are the same, the MultiMaster uses a broad assortment of accessory blades to handle sanding, scraping and hundreds of previously “manual” tasks. Gone are the days of sanding tight spaces with paper, as the MultiMaster’s profiled sanding pads make the job far less “hands-on.”

Thanks to the booming DIY movement, finding that perfect gift for the do-it-yourselfer in your family has never been easier. If you find yourself struggling with a decision, you can even give a Woodcraft gift card so the family handy man (or woman) can make the decision themselves. For more products and inspiration, visit