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HighPoint Cabinet Installation Screws, Washer Head, White Painted Head

When hanging cabinets, you need a fastener with significant shear values as well as adequate pull-out resistance. These hanging screws are manufactured with a heavy duty #10 body and a large diameter washer head to prevent the fastener from pulling through the cabinet back.

A #2 square/phillips drive makes running these screws a breeze, and the Type 17 auger point eliminates the need for pre-drilling. Sharp, deep threads are designed to hold in wall studs to keep the cabinet tight on the wall.

HIGHPOINT™ Cabinet Installation Screws have a bright zinc plated finish that provides adequate corrosion resistance for kitchen and bath applications and a white painted head to blend well with white cabinet boxes.
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10 x 2-1/2100618104$19.49
10 x 3100618105$25.99